Wha Is Rosie Londoner Married To? Meet Her Husband PJ Van Sandwijk

Rosie Londoner Husband Age And Instagram: Who Is The Londoner Married To?

Rosie Londoner and her Husband had known each other for quite a while before marrying. Let’s learn how they married and more about her.

Rosie is a full-time blogger best known for her lifestyle blog “The Londoner.” With contents reflecting her adventures and lifestyle, Rosie has endeared herself to thousands of people due to her outgoing personality and passion.

She is one of social media’s most influential individuals. Rosie has been able to carve out a career for herself in the digital space.

Her regular and exclusive content creation has led her to attract and retain a large and loyal fanbase.

Rosie Londoner Husband PJ Van Sandwijk 

Londoner married her Husband PJ Van Sandwijk in Italy in June 2018.

While, his real name being Philip Jan Van Sandwijk. The couple had known each other for many years before marrying.

Rosie and PJ had been best friends for years, as she mentioned in her blog “The Wedding” of her marriage.

From their marriage, they have one child, a daughter named Lily Valentine. She was born on February 14, 2019.

Blogger Rosie Londoner Age: How Old Is She?

Londoner’s age is 34 years old as she was born in the year 1987.

Rosie celebrates her birthday every February 24th, yet she is not a big fan of birthdays.

She has always hated the idea of getting older because it meant the steady decline into old age and obscurity.

Originally moving into blogging as a hobby, it wasn’t long before she gained attention to her blog.

Her love for London, life, her family is evident across all of her chances. Her aspirations and all the factors add up to what has brought her such success.

Is Rosie Londoner Instagram Available?

Being a full-time blogger and content creator, Rosie shares most of her life aspects with her legions on Instagram, Pinterest, and her blog.

She is an active blogger and influencer with massive followers over 360k on Instagram.

Rosie has become the face for various renowned brands like Bobbi Brown, Jimmy Choo, and Aerin.

Her influence incremented the brand awareness as Rosie shared her thoughts on the day.