Rogerio Bontorin Religion: Is Rogerio Bontorin A Practicing Muslim?

Details regarding Rogerio Bontorin's religion have not been made public. Rogerio Bonterio has not indicated with any gesture or social media posts that he is a practicing Muslim.

Brazil has a very small population that practices Islam. There has been no indication to suggest that the Brazilian is a practicing Muslim.

Rogerio Bontorin Ethnicity: Where Is He From?

Although no specific information regarding Rogerio Bontorin's ethnicity has been released as of yet. Bontorin is a South American.

Rogerio Bontorin was born in Adrianópolis, Paraná, Brazil. He is a Brazilian citizen.

The 29-year-old fighter is from Colombo, Paraná, Brazil. He lives in Brazil.

Rogerio Bontorin Parents And Heritage: Who Are His Dad and Mom? 

Information on Rogerio Bontorin's parents has not been made available as of yet.

Since Rogerio was born in Brazil, it can be expected that his parents are of Brazilian descent as well. 

There have been no details made available regarding the Brazilian's dad and mom at the moment, and any information about them remains obscure.