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Rod Stokes The Voice Age: Born in 1984, the Season 16 Voice contestant Rod Stokes present age is 35. He is an emerging American singer-songwriter and musician came to public attention and spotlight from the brand new season of the reality show.  

It took Rod couple of seconds to impresses the coaches in the blind audition with his effortless soulful voice in Bee Gees hit single ‘To Love Somebody’. Looked to be mentored by the country singer, he picked Blake Shelton as his coach before Adam Levine and subsequently Kelly Clarkson stole him in battles week.

Rod Stokes Wiki & Bio

Rod Stokes Wikipedia & Biography: Born and raised in Miss Point, Missouri, Rod Stokes is perhaps one of the toughest contestants to defeat in the Season 16 ‘The Voice’.

Every time he has lost the battles round against fellow competitors of the Voice, Stokes has succeeded to make it through the next round being stolen by one or the other coach.

Started the Voice journey as a member of Team Blake, he was stolen by Maroon 5 frontrunner Adam Levine in the battles round while Kelly Clarkson used her authority to steal the artist in Live Cross Battles.

As a child, he was quite shy and timid to participate in any activities, unlike his sister who fearlessly sang in the church. Watching his singer perform influenced Rod to sing as well though, he spent a better part of his childhood playing soccer.

According to his bio, Rod wanted to pursue a career in sports but sadly he couldn’t after being forced to run the construction business owned by his family.

Distressed for not making a career as a football player, he soon inclined towards music and started performing. Following his passion in music, the family initiated their own traveling musical ministry.

Gradually rising to fame with The Voice, he surely has a great career in the industry ahead of the show and hopefully, Rod Stokes will also have his own wiki page soon.   

Who is Rod Stokes Girlfriend Kimberly Stokes? Are they married?


It’s yet unknown when the Rod Stokes and Kimberly Stokes started dating each other but the singer had first met the love of his life and soon to be girlfriend Kimberly Stokes on the road.

Having gotten smitten by her, Rod approached Kimberly and they started dating each other before getting married in an intimate ceremony.

Rod was quite fortunate to find love while still hoping to make a career in the music industry.

It’s been several years now since the couple has been living a blissful life away from the public eye. He often shares the picture of his wife on Instagram with love notes who seem to be quite supportive of his career.  

Rod Stokes Height

Rod Stokes Height: He might be age 35 but the Alabama-based singer still looks as attractive and endearing as ever with swoon-worthy good looks, pleasant appearance, and charisma.

Noticeably an absolute gentleman, Stokes is breathtakingly hot with flawless physical features, full-grown beard, and stylish hairdo.

Standing at an attractive height, Rod Stokes possesses a ripped physique with chiseled chest, masculine biceps, and triceps built through a severe workout routine and healthy diet.  

Rod Stokes Parents

Although they don’t cheer him from the audience, Rod Stokes parents and family including two sisters and a wife is always rooting for him at home.

The Vancleave High School graduate has openly confessed that his parents are incredibly supportive of his career and they were the one who pushed him through his musical expedition.