Robyn Davidson | Biography

One of the most prominent writers in Australia, Robyn Davidson’s “Tracks” has been one of her most famed work till date. In her book “Track” she has penned about her seventeen mile trek throughout desert of West Australian on camels. Her writing career has spanned more than thirty years.

Born as second daughter of two girls at Stanley Park, Queensland on 6th of September 1950, Robyn Davidson was basically raised by her dad’s unmarried sister, Gillian. At age eleven, she witnessed her mother death. Her mom committed suicide. Educated at the boarding school in Brisbane, Robyn was offered with a musical scholarship which she declined. In Brisbane, she lived along with biologist and studied zoology. Afterward, she relocated to Sydney, where she spent her days as the Push’s member, living a bohemian life.

Moving into her personal life, she has not revealed about her personal life in front of media and she wants to keep herself away from unnecessary controversies and gossips. The details regarding her husband, children or divorce has not been made public, so her marital status is not clear. However during 80s, she shared romance with Salman Rushdie. The couple was introduced to each other by their common pal, Bruce Chatwin. They separated their ways after dating for some years. She moves frequently and has homes in India, London and Sydney. She is currently living in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. No significant changes on her appearance have been traced till date which means she has not done any kind of plastic surgery.

In 1975, Robyn shifted to Alice Springs in order to work with camels. For 2 years, she learned the techniques to survive in harsh desert and trained camels. Robyn was peripherally engaged in Aboriginal Land Rights Movement. In 1977, she relocated to the West Coast along with a dog as well as four camels: Bub, Dookie, Goliath and Zeleika. Though she did not set out on the journey to write about it, she ultimately agreed to pen an article for a magazine “National Geographical Magazine”.  Rick Smolan photographed the Journey. In 1978, her article was published. After witnessing the people attraction towards her article, she decided to pen her entire journey. She lived along with Doris Lessing in London while writing “Tracks”. In 1980, he book won the Blind Society Award and Thomas Cook Travel Book Award. In early 1990s, her then boyfriend published his snaps of the journey in “From Alice to Ocean”. A film based on her book with the original title “Tracks”, starring Mia Wasikowska and directed by John Curran was premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

The key part of her work has been studying and travelling with nomadic peoples. She is the key subject of a track penned by songwriter and singer Mick Hanly. The track, Crusader was recorded in 1983 by Mary Black on her self-titled album. The net worth of this profound writer has not been revealed by any reliable sites yet.

The bonified writer Robyn Davidson has been honored with a number of accolades and commendations throughout her career. She has won multiple awards, including the Blind Society Award and Thomas Cook Travel Book Award. This award winning writer used to be a great singe wile at school. She is very active in social networking sites. Her fans can follow her in her social net working sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. She regularly posts her pictures in Instagram. Her detailed biography can be fetched via wiki and other internet sites.