RKY Face Reveal: Who Is He?

RKY Face Reveal Age, Net Worth Real Name and Bio

RKY’s face reveals one of the anticipated things since the start of his channel. If you are here to find updates on YouTuber RKY’s face reveal, then here are all the available details.

RKY is a YouTuber who is mainly known for his gaming videos.

He plays games such as Minecraft, skywards legends and reviews gaming accessories.

RKY Face Reveal

RKY has not done a face reveal yet.

However, he went viral with a face reveal video he posted to fool his fans with his fake face. He has not revealed his face to the media.

With the fake face reveal video, he has created more anticipation among his fans, and they are closely following him more than ever.

His fans and followers have to wait a little bit longer for the face reveal.

RKY AGe: How Old Is He?

We are not sure about RKYs age as he has not disclosed it on the web.

There is no information on the web either. And since RKY has yet to reveal his face, we cannot assume his age just from his voice.

He mostly talks about games in his videos. So, he has never spilled anything related to his personal life in his videos.

RKY’s videos are solely focused on games, and he experiments with cheats and hacks as well.

RKY Real Name And Bio

RKY has not revealed his real name, just like his face.

He is known as RKY on all of his social media platforms.

He has kept his detail anonymous and seems like enjoys his privacy. 

It also helps him main some amount of anonymity on the web and helps him avoid getting doxxed.

He has two YouTube channels RKY and RKWHY. RKY is his main channel, and the latter one is his second channel.

We assume he is an American or resides in the US from his American accent in his videos but cannot be certain.

RKY Net Worth

RKY has an estimated net worth of $497,000 as per Stashsmash.

He earns a lot from Youtube as he has 399k subscribers on the platform.

He is on the way to get 400k subscribers and has posted more than 500 videos to date.