Who Is Ridoybabo9 On TikTok? Ridoy Bodo Viral Video Explained

Ridoybabo9 TikTok: Ridoy Bodo Viral Video On Reddit

Ridoybabo9 is a webstar whose video recently went viral on the internet and the Bangladesh police have arrested him.

Ridoybabo9 is a TikToker who has been arrested by the police after a video of Ridoy, along with some other men assaulting and torturing the 22-year girl, went viral on the internet.

Ridoy babo, whose real name is Ritaful Islam, is suspected of being a human trafficker and originally hails from the Kishoreganj district in Bangladesh.

Who Is Ridoybabo9 TikTok?

Ridoybabo9 is a TikTok star who has shared a lot of videos on TikTok.

He has gained more than 78.8 thousand followers on TikTok, and his TikTok content has earned a surprising number of 1.2 Million likes.

This content creator is a big figure in Bangladesh who is the prime accused in the assault case. The girl later went missing and was traced to Kozhikode, Kerala, by the police team.

Ritaful Islam has been living in Bangaluru for almost three months even though he actually belongs to Bangladesh.

This 25 years old TikToker used to lure women to unknown locations using his fame and always had the intent of trafficking them.

Ridoybabo Viral Video On Reddit

A video of this TikTok star got viral all over Reddit as well.

In the video, they had assaulted and tortured the 22 years old girl, and the video got viral predominantly in Assam and then in the other northeastern states.

Six people were accused of this gang abuse, and there were 4 boys and 2 girls. Police had shot two of them in their legs when they tried to flee the custody. 

Ridoybabo9, who is available on Instagram under the username @ridoybabo9, has only shared 7 posts and has been able to gain more than two hundred followers only.

He had gained fame and popularity on TikTok only but was not a very famous personality and was not known by many people before the video went viral.