For non-golfer, golf seems to be simple and luxurious sports. but in fact, it takes great skill and practice to be a great golf player. These days’ players are earning millions of dollars through endorsement. Here we have listed top 20 richest golfers in the world in 2018.

20. Tiger woods

Tiger Woods is the most prominent figure in the history of golf. He is the younger golfer in the history to achieve Grand slam.

Tiger Woods is the definitely the world’s richest and most successful golfer ever. The recorded eleven time PGA player of the year, woods has estimated net worth of $740 million. He is the younger golfer in the history to attain Grand slam.

At the age of 2, he began his golf career. However, his professional career began in 1996 and since then, he became world’s most prominent figure in the history of golf. Following his successful career, the magician has numerous highest-paying endorsements in his pocket.

Sponsorship has played a huge role to upsurge his million dollar net worth. At present, he has a sponsorship agreement with Rolex, TaylorMade clubs, and Upper Deck Sportscards. From 1996 – 2007, he made $769,440,709, according to Golf Digest.

The 42-years-old golfer owns private yatch costing $25 million, private jet costing $31,700,000, Escalade costing $75,000, Enclave costing $45,800, Carrera GT costing $441,000, and LS460 costing $72,500.