Richard Boutry Wikipedia

Richard Boutry, a French journalist, now an influencer, currently living in Paris, France, has been known globally. Though being on the T.V. as a host for many years. He still has not been featured on Wikipedia.  

He officially started his career as the T.V. host in French television and TV5 from 1995 to 2002.

After which, he got promoted to executive director of the Catholic television channel KTO.

He also has his own Youtube channel with 43.5k subscribers, The minute Ricardo, where he shares his idea about several topics, including communication, coaching, health, personal development, psychology. He has already posted 103 videos.

He is also the author of minute of Ricardo

Richard Boutry Epouse

Richard Boutry is connected to several people through several social media sites, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and  Youtube.

He has not posted about his espouse. Thus his espouse still unknown to the people.

He joined Twitter in December 2020. He has11.5k followers on his official Twitter account.

Richard Boutry Age

Neither Richard Boutry has stated about his age, nor he is featured on Wikipedia; thus, the actual age of the former journalist is still unknown. 

From his Facebook photos and Instagram videos, the influencer looks like he is running in his 50s.

His Instagram has 19.9k followers, and he has already done182 posts.

Through one of his Instagram videos, Richard Bountry shares, "I revolt when I feel that the man as such of whom I am an example is under attack."

Richard Boutry Family

Richard Boutry has not shared about his family members on social media sites. It is still to be discovered. 

He basically concerns his posts on several issues as an influencer. 

He has 31983 followers on his official Facebook page.

Richard Boutry Net Worth

Richard Boutry has been a successful television host and influencer. He has luck in his financial status. But still, his net worth is undiscovered.

Richard Boutry has kept his personal life quite private and hasn't disclosed anything about his personal life. 

He is still strongly passionate about Journalism and has always posted several videos, tweets, posts on his official social sites.

He is a great supporter of the "big reset" theory. Thus he often renders his speech regarding the great reset, according to which a global elite would try to enslave humanity.