Ria Sommerfeld Age [ Tom Kaulitz Ex wife ] Wiki, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Bio

Ria Sommerfeld Age [ Tom Kaulitz Ex wife ] Wiki, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Bio

As I was going around on my daily internet surfing, of all the many things I found out, one thing caught my eye today. On a certain website, there were few words that said “Ria Sommerfield Claim of Fame: ex-wife of Tom Kaulitz”. This really made me chuckle. I mean what a time to be alive. People gaining fame because of being an ex-wife of someone.

At times like this, I think fame really is not worth anything. But then again I see people being generously loving to celebrities and think: ‘Maybe it’s a good thing after all if you earn it by doing and being good’.

Age: 35 years

According to some sources over the internet, Ria Sommerfeld is currently 35 years of age. That means she is at the middle phase of her life. Nevertheless, her modeling career is going strong and she looks beautiful.

Ria Sommerfeld Wiki and Bio

There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to her but there are some sites which have written about Ria’s wiki. She was born on 9 October 1982 in Germany.

The details of her childhood are not found. She might be bilingual as she was born in Germany but we cannot confirm about that.

She is a model and hairstylist which means glamour and fashion was always her first choice. Besides when you look that beautiful, it really suits her and is great.

Ria Sommerfeld Net Worth: $1 million – $10 million)

When it comes to her net worth, Ria’s net worth is somewhat a confusing matter because there are not that many details about it on the internet.

With the available details, it is still vague and they have provided an approximate value instead of a precise one.

According to some trustworthy site, Ria Sommerfield is worth anywhere from $1 million dollars to $10 million dollars.

Ria Sommerfeld Boyfriend Mars Meusel

Who is Ria dating currently? Who is that lucky bastard? I don’t know and that’s not a big deal. But a little surprising thing is that even the internet has no idea about it.

However, her ex-boyfriend is Tom Kaulitz– the owner of Tokyo Hotel. Recently, he has been associated with the German supermodel, former AGT judge- Heidi Klum.

However, the current details of her love life are not spilled on the media and maybe that’s great for her. Not good for the scavengers who profit from writing about life online. That’s me. Not good for me.

However, a fan page on Twitter has claimed that she is currently dating Mars Meusel. They look cute together.

Interesting Facts

  • Sommerfield is a Libra. That is another fact of her life that won’t be too much needed for us but if you care, there you go.
  • Her eye is Brown-Dark in color and her hair is Brown-Light color. Wow! Thats balancing, isn’t it? One dark and light. Life is a balance. All of it.