Reece Caddell Age, Birthday, Wiki, Height, Parents, Family – All That Cast 2019

Reece Caddell Age, Birthday, Wiki, Height, Parents, Family - All That Cast 2019

If you don’t recognize her name, Reece Caddell, is one the leading young stars on the television.  Reece is relatively new to acting, but she has already established herself in the throat cult industry.

She may be young, but surely know how to grab the spotlight. She became a household name in 2013 after landing a recurring role on series, ‘Hello Ladies’.

Reece isn’t only popular for the acting career, but she is also a social media star, with huge online followings.

While she keeps proving her acting chops, take a close look at this article to unveil a few facts about the young actress.

Reece Caddell Age and Birthday

Born in 2006, Reece Caddell ages 12 and is already off to a great start. She is just 2-months away from celebrating her 13th birthday on August 25.

People have been wowed by her striking hazel eyes, brunette locks, and bubbly personality. She is also popular for her doll-like feature with chubby cheeks and winning smile.

Actress Reece Caddell Wiki, Parents and Family

Wiki hints, Reece Caddell is a successful child actress, model, and online celebrity.

She comes from a tight-knit family and has two sisters, Maddy Caddell, and Cam Caddell – both are actress & YouTubers.

Her supportive parents encourage her acting desire and always decide what’s best for their daughter. This little girl began appearing on television when the burgeoning actress was 5 years old.

She created the YouTube sketch group called ‘3 Ginger Sisters’ alongside her two older sisters.

The preteen is a successful social media personality, whose each post receives thousands of likes. Her online followers don’t hesitate to comment about her angelic beauty and acting talents.

At this young age, her Instagram handle has already over 11k followers. She is a frequent appearance on YouTube channel, ‘All That Official’.

Despite being new to show business, she has now been a highly sought-after young actress. In 2018, she was cast in the pilot of a movie, ‘Man of the House’, starring Leslie Bibb.

While few of her acting roles include starring on ‘Coop and Cami Ask the World’, ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ and ‘Bizzardvark’.

As Reece is popular in today’s entertainment industry, she hasn’t earned that celebrity yet. While her acting career is on the rise, we’re excited to see Reece grow and capture bigger roles in coming days.

How tall is Reece Caddell? Her Height

Just 12 in age, Reece Caddell’s body tends to show significant growth and changes in coming years.

While there’s no actual measure to her height, for now, Reece appears to be in great shape and size for her age.

The American actress is relatively tall with balanced body weight and great talent. She is already out there solidifying her status and making her presence felt in the industry.

Her Instagram feeds are the testimony of her on-the-go lifestyle and it can also make us go green with envy. Living an active life on all forms of social media, this youngster is already out here, embracing the world of glamour.