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Rebecca Dyer Age, Wiki (David Foster Ex Wife) Net Worth, Family
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Rebecca Dyer is the ex-wife of the famous musician David Foster. Yes, you read it right. She is famous for being someone’s past. Some people are famous for being someone’s history. They will always be known by the identity of their unsuccessful relationship rather than their true identity.

Dating or being in relation to celebrity is very difficult. If the relationship doesn’t work out, then you are remembered as a part of that unsuccessful relationship. Your true identity nearly disappears. For Rebecca, it’s the same. She is recognized as the past of David Foster.

If you want to know more about Rebecca Dyer, below are her details.

Rebecca Dyer Age

Rebecca Dyer has not revealed the details about her age. However, observing her recent pictures, we can say that she is in her sixties.



Rebecca Dyer’s wiki is not available. Despite not having a Wikipedia, we have collected some information about her which might interest you.

Dyer was a model. She is the ex-wife of David Foster. Among the four unsuccessful marriage of the famous Canadian Musician David Foster, Rebecca Dyer is one of them.

Rebecca and David dated each other for almost a year before their marriage. Moreover, David was married to a singer and a songwriter, B.J. Cook while dating Rebecca Dyer. In the year 1981, David ended his relationship with B.J and started a new relationship with Rebecca. Rebecca and David married on 27th October 1982.

But the relationship didn’t last long. Just after four years of marriage, they ended their relationship. In 1986, they officially separated. After the divorce, David started his relationship with famous songwriter and singer Linda Thompson and married her in 1991.

Net worth

The detail of Rebecca Dyer net worth is not available. Probably, she is rich.

But, we do have the details of the worth of her ex-husband David Foster. David has a very impressive and huge amount of worth which is about $80 million dollars. He has successfully made such a huge amount of worth working as a musician, record producer, composer, singer, songwriter, and arranger. Furthermore, he has discovered musical talents like Josh Groban, Charice Pempengco.

In addition, David has also produced artists like Whitney Huston, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey.

Rebecca Dyer’s Family

Rebecca Dyer has three children together with her ex-husband David Foster. They are Sara Christine, Erin Taylor and, Jordan.

Daughters (Sara Christine, Erin Taylor, and Jordan)

Talking about Rebecca Dyer daughter’s, they are not that famous. Sara and Erin grew up wanting to be in reality TV. But, the details of Jordan is not anywhere in media.

One interesting fact is Erin and Sara are somehow related to the Jenner’s and Hadid’s. It’s because of their father’s marriage to Linda Thompson and Yolanda Hadid.