Comedian Raymond Mearns Net Worth: Details on his Family, Wife and Children

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At some points in our lives, we all are stressed out. What we often do to break the deadlock, involve in recreational activities? Some take time off for traveling and discovering their likings and passion, but in a farmed time zone, many of us love to listen to music or go floating on the floors laughing our lungs out while we watch on our favorite comedians. Speaking of comedians, this guys has been entertaining us for nearly three decades now. Famed as an inevitable part of Scottish comedy series Legit, Raymond Mearns is a well-known actor and comedian from Scottland, the United Kingdom.

Raymond Mearns Short Bio & Age

Currently, 51 years old, Raymond Mearns was born in the 70s in Scotland to parents of white caucasian ancestry.

He and his brother Eddie were brought up in his hometown by his father and mother, where he completed his schooling and higher studies. His brother Eddie is also an actor and a comedian.

Raymond had immense talent in entertaining his surroundings. He used to entertain his friends during his schooling time and his impeccable comic skills were on the highs back then as well. From pulling out simple jokes in front of his friends and family members took a huge roundabout in his 20s. 

In the 90s, Raymond performed as a stand-up comedian in local theaters and performed in gigs in local coffee shops and on birthdays.

In 202, Raymond was invited on the Live Floor Show as a guest comedian after which his career took a major turn for good. He turned to a household name as a stand-up comedian in his hometown which eventually spread wings to the national platform and submerged the global audience as in whole.

In 2004, Raymond played Big Roddie in the BAFTA Award-winning director Ken Loach’s romantic drama Ae Fond Kiss. His career as a comedian met transcendence after appearing in the Scottish comedy sitcom, Legit in 2007.

Starting up in 1989, Raymond is actively involved in the show business to this date.

How much is Raymond Mearns Net Worth?

Raymond Mearns is one of the showrunners in the world of comedians. Having appeared in numerous hit TV shows, movies and his accomplished career as a comedian, Raymond must be enjoying a hefty net worth. Though the exact figure of his net worth and income haven’t been revealed, he indeed is enjoying a huge net worth. Well, being in the business for nearly 30 years and famed as one of the successful comedians in the business should come handy. Isn’t it?

Is Raymond Mearns Married? Does he have any Children?

Speaking of his personal belongings, Raymond rarely opens up about his love life in public. In fact, a handful of comedians, use their own life as a subject to entertain their audiences, but Raymond doesn’t seem to play by this rule either.

But you won’t be disappointed, we have something for you to look over his personal life.

Raymond was married in his teens and also shares a child with his former wife. Raymond and his wife got divorced in the 2012′ summer. Speaking to Scotsman, a Scottish national magazine in 2014, Raymond revealed he had the love of his life in his teens whom he got hitched as well. But unfortunately, their relationship couldn’t last long.