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Raquell Rose Age (Gabe Brown Wife) Height, Wiki, Height, Family Bio
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The Alaskan Bush People‘ is a 2014 documentary series that the Discovery channel prepared and broadcasted. The documentary is basically centered around the Brown family as they struggle for survival away from modern society. Well, in the series, we see a number of family members. Gabe Brown is one such person.

Apparently, he is a skilled tracker and fisherman. After all, these skills are quite important while you are trying to survive in the wilderness of the wild.

Anyways, that’s about Gabe. However, we are focusing on someone else in this article. And she is none other than Gabe’s girlfriend, recently became wife, Raquell Rose.

Raquell Rose Wiki,  Bio

Since Raquell is no celebrity or a star, it’s obvious that there’s no Wikipedia on her. Despite that fact, here’s some information that we have been able to gather from different sources.

We don’t know about the family background or past life of Raquell. What we know of her is from her relationship with Gabe Brown.

So, who is Raquell? Subsequently, she is the wife of Gabe. That’s the only identity of her that we have been able to discover so far.

Moreover, Raquell also happens to be the best friend of Rainy Brown. Rainy is the 16 years old sister of Gabe Brown.

It seems that Raquell is originally from California, the USA. We can tell that because according to the available reports, Gabe met her there.

Raquel also appeared on the show with the family. Reports that she and Gabe were in a relationship for less than a year before they got married.

Gabe Brown Wife


As we have already talked, Raquell is the wife of Gabe. Here’s some information about their relationship and marriage.

As the news goes, Gabe met his future wife Raquell in California. They became friends there and later started dating. However, the two were introduced by Gabe’s sister Rainy.

So, after some months of a relationship, the two must have thought that it was time to move things faster. Thus, they married on the 14th of January this year in a private ceremony.

And according to the recent news that came in light, the couple is expecting their first child. That’s something.

Raquell Rose Age: 22 years

We don’t have accurate information regarding the birth date of Raquell. However, we know, from a number of different sources that she is currently 22 years of age.

Gabe is currently 29 years old of age. So, there is a significant age gap of 7 years between the couple.

However, that’s not a thing when it comes to love. We have seen 60 years old men marrying 20 years old girls.

Raquell Rose’s Height

We don’t have information on the height and physical stats of the 22 years old wife of Gabe. She looks beautiful. So who cares about height anyways.

But again, I know people don’t get satisfied until they get what they want. So if you can, just guess her height from her pics or other things of that sort.

Family Information

In this matter too, we have no information. We already told you that there is very less, almost none, information about the past life of Raquell.

She is from California. So, we can say that she belongs to American parents. That’s all we can say about her family right now.

Maybe we get to know more about her in the coming days.