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Anthony Denson professionally known as Sosamann is an American rapper. He is also a music producer on his own rights. Sosamann is also referred to as Sancho Saucy.

The Houston based rapper is well known for the famous male duo called Sauce Twinz. He formed the duo with fellow rapper and musician Sauce Walka. The duo has a number of releases in the charts through which they draw fame and wealth, collectively. While his life as a rapper made him into a popular face, there lies darkness at his back.

Contrary to his fame as a successful rapper and artist, his deeds off-screen has had him by hook some of the times. Earlier this month, in June 2019, Sosamann was arrested in the name of human trafficking by Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, as per TMZ. Sancho Saucy was booked on a felony charge on 11 May. The rapper paid a $100 thousand bond on his way out.

He allegedly cajoled 2 young girls to come to California. He convinced the girls with promises of making their Hollywood dream come true, as per TMZ. The two girls were later arrested at a prostitute condo in Los Angles. During the investigation, the girls claimed the rapper lured them into prostitution.

Moreover, the girls claimed to have no place out. No further details are available so far and the rapper has denied commenting.

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Rapper Sosamann Net Worth

Rapper Sosamann has an estimated net worth of $1.4 million. Sosamann earned his million dollar fortune in a few years. He turned professional in the early 2010s. A local icon in the first few years, Sosamann gained huge recognization with the duo Sauce Twinz.

The duo has released few singles as of now, some of which are hot in the charts. Along with fame, the 29-year old rapper also bagged in a huge income in the last few years.

In 2018, a track titled Whom I Am, featuring rapper NBA YoungBoy.

His partner, Sauce Walke has an estimated net worth of $0.2 million. Unlike fellow rapper, Sosamann would have a huge net worth if he didn’t lose thousands on criminal cases. Just in May 2019, he paid a $100 thousand bond after being charged on human trafficking.

Besides his net worth, the details of his earnings and contracts are still unknown.

Just like other rappers, Sosamann is fond of tattoos and jewels. He has his upper body covered by tattoos and his neck bearing a load of jewelry. The details of his residence, house, and cars are still unknown.

Details on His Girlfriend and Wife


Known for his image of a bad guy, Sosamann isn’t married yet and neither has any children of his own.

Moreover, the details of Sosamann girlfriend, wife, love affairs, relationship status are still unknown. As rappers are known to make a good time with beautiful ladies, enjoying in bars and spending thousands on vacations, the rapper is off of the book.

So far, the rapper isn’t rumored of any possible relationship nor has been spotted getting cozy with any few companions. Guess we just have to wait for the time being.