Ramtin Abdo Net Worth, Age, Family (Kate Abdo Husband) Wiki, Married

Ramtin Abdo Net Worth: Ramtin has been pretty much in the spotlight ever since his affair with Kate sparked on media.

Despite their low key romance, the two repeatedly made headlines out of their relationship on social media outlets.

It is, therefore, fair enough to say that Ramtin grasped public attention after his connection with the British journalist.

Nevertheless, Abdo has found financial success in own right as a real estate agent. With years of experience in real estate, he founded a supply chain company called INA Ventures GmbH in Berlin.

Apart from the successful business venture, he co-founded SMAP, which for sure made Abdo immense net worth.

Ramtin Abdo Age: His Wife Kate is 37 Years old

He has been in the glare of publicity ever since started dating British sportscaster Kate Abdo. But notwithstanding the star status, Ramtin has remained guarded when it comes to his personal life.

Anxious fans are extremely eager to know more about Kate’s love interest. But, this has not at all bothered the German-born businessman.

Never so interested in speaking on his personal life, Ramtin hasn’t even shared the detail of his birth date and age so far.

But taking a quick glance at his youthful visage with a boyish charm, he probably in his late 30s just like his wife Kate.

Kate Abdo Husband – Ramtin Abdo, Family

Even after being recognized worldwide, Ramtin still is as awfully secretive about his personal life as he was before finding fame.

It’s been no secret that the realtor is very cautious when it comes to his personal life. And seems like he is going to stick by his choice to keep his private life under wraps even in the years to come.

He has already attended so many major events alongside Kate and gave a candid interview. But not has once Ramtin spoken on his connection with his family and parents back at home in Germany.

Ramtin Abdo Wiki

Ramtin Abdo’s career success does speak for him but unfortunately, not as loud as his gorgeous wife.

After all, Kate has got herself a wiki page which swanks her hardships and remarkable achievements as a sportscaster.

Alas, Ramtin hasn’t had got his bio in Wikipedia which would have otherwise helped him recognize worldwide.

A professional real estate developer, Ramtin was born and brought up in Berlin, Germany. Besides that, no other information about him has been divulged so far.

Abdo has basically concealed every detail of his personal life including the account of his own early childhood and parents.

And there is a chance that he may have done so to keep his family away from the radar of rumor mills.

Details on Ramtin Abdo Married Life

Ramtin has spent the last 8 years in the public eye as a husband of Kate Abdo. But rarely has he been caught stepping out together with his wife or putting on a romantic display with her on the public.

The couple has apparently kept their love life under wraps. All these years, fans are uncertain about when and how the two started dating each other.

Even their engagement and wedding ceremony was a secret to the audience until the duo publicly confirmed their marriage.

After years and years of a secret romantic affair, the two had exchanged their wedding vows at an intimate ceremony.

It’s been since then the couple has been inseparable living a joyous married life in the company of each other.