Racist Merrill Lynch Employee James Iannazzo: Assault Video On Twitter

James Lannazo, an employee of Merrill Lynch, has reportedly abused the teenager in a departmental store. He has allegedly passed the racist comments and verbally abused a high school girl.

In the video, we can see that James initially complains about the drink he had bought, and eventually, it turns into a brawl. He keeps verbally abusing the girls, though they had nothing to do with the smoothie.

He doesn't only stop here; he throws the bottle at the girl who tries to calm him down and creates the scenario of physical violence. People are highly criticizing the situation and demanding him to be held accountable.

The video has spread all over social media to raise awareness, and the concerned authority calls the matter sensitive as it involves minors.

Was James Lannazo Arrested?

James Lannazo has been criticized worldwide after the assault, and people are demanding justice for the teenagers, but no news of him being arrested has been out.

The accused Lannazo has called in for consequences after his behavior with the teenagers. He had reportedly called racist slurs and condemned them for selling him defective drinks.

The teenagers tried to convince him of the seriousness of the situation and got even more assaulted as they tried to call the police. The victim was speechless after the brawl.

People from all over the world have demanded justice and the accused to be arrested as soon as possible.

What Did James Iannazo Do?

James Lannazo has received negative feedback from the world as the video of him throwing a smoothie at the teenager goes viral.

The corporate manager was calling offensive names to the teenagers, followed by creating the situation of physical violence after they denied knowing the manufacturer of the smoothie.

When the girls had enough and tried to call the police, the accused called them "immigrant losers" and screamed even louder.

The female workers somehow managed to record the situation, and the true color of James was out in the media. He had also called them names before recording the video.