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Rachel Maddow Salary and Net Worth 2019: Is She Making $7 Million Dollars from The Rachel Maddow Show?

For years, fans have wondered how much money does Rachel makes as a television host and commentator. There have been several reports that suggest that Rachel Maddow makes $7 Million Dollars from The Rachel Maddow Show. But how true are the rumors?

Well, according to, the rumored reports are true. Rachel Maddow’s yearly salary is $7 million. Additionally, she has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Due to the ‘Rachel Maddow’ show’s popularity, Rachel has been one of the highest paid political commentators around at present.

Having spent most of her career in the journalism field, Rachel has made an immense fortune through her career in the field. The ‘Rachel Maddow’ show has been one of the most rated political show running currently. 

Rachel Maddow’s Career, Bio

Rachel Maddow’s show is one of the most popular political show on television at present. The show is hosted by a familiar face in the television world, Rachel Maddow. So how did a girl from Castro Valley, California end up as one of the most popular television personality? Let’s go through her impressive journey.

Born to parents Robert B. Maddow and Elaine, Rachel grew up in a conservative family. Her mother used to work as a school program administrator and her father served as a lawyer. She also has a brother named David who is older than her.

After obtaining a degree in public policy, Rachel had made up her mind to seek out a career in politics. In addition, she has also been enrolled at Lincoln College.

 At the beginning of her career, Rachel had to start from scratch and had to move her way to the top of the ladder. Her career began as a radio host on WRNX. After gaining experience in the field and showcasing her skills, she was able to land her own radio program called ‘The Rachel Maddow Show.’

She entered the world of television in 2005 after she began appearing as a regular panelist on the show ‘Tucker’ which aired in the media outlet MSNBC. Later on, Rachel’s show ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ was announced to replace the then-running program ‘Verdict with Dan Abrams.’

The show has been a hit since then. Almost all the contents in her show are of political nature. She has covered and tackled numerous political matters to date and has been a trust-worthy face in television for many years.

Apart from her TV appearances, Rachel has also been a very successful writer. She authored the book titled ‘Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power’ which was published in 2012. In addition, she has also been a regular writer for the ‘The Washington Post’ since 2013. 

For her work in the field of journalism, Rachel has been awarded multiple honors to date. She is the recipient of multiple Emmy Awards. Furthermore, she has also won the Gracie Award, GLAAD Media Awards, and Maggie Award among other prestigious awards.

In the show ‘Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union’, Rachel was portrayed by Tracey Ullman. Additionally, in several Saturday Night Live sketches, Abby Elliott has appeared as Rachel. 

Rachel Maddow is openly gay. She has been together with her long-time partner artist Susan Mikula since meeting in 1999.