There are many questions that men have about periods. They do not understand a lot of things but they are afraid to ask these questions since they fear that women may bite their heads off. These are some of the most common questions along with the right answers.

The period is the actual time during which one is bleeding. On the other hand, PMS is premenstrual syndrome. The period is what happens every month during a cycle like clockwork.

This might differ for those who do not have regular cycles. Yes, there are people whose period does not come every month.

Premenstrual syndrome spans one or two weeks before the period. During this time, the woman is more prone to being emotional, irritable and might also have some strong cravings.

Sometimes, these cravings will point to certain nutrients that your body needs in preparation for the week-long bleeding.

Sometimes the cravings are for food that isn’t beneficial to the body. Women may not pick out PMS until they actually start their period.

These symptoms, even though they might be present ten out of twelve months, sneak up on you and you might wonder why you are in such low spirits or a bad mood.

Men should not assume that every seemingly erratic mood is as a result of PMS.