Police dogs encounter danger in the line of duty as any police officer would. They are sworn to serve and protect as well. Some of the bravest dogs in the line of duty include:

Subduing a suspect can be a difficult task for police officers, especially when the assailant is armed. It takes a brave officer to engage such a suspect as their own lives are at stake during the process.

In some cases, police dogs help to protect their human partners by stepping in. Kye is considered a hero for his part in an Oklahoma takedown in 2014.

The assailant had a knife and ended up stabbing Kye. Through Kye’s efforts, one of the police officers was able to get a clear shot of the suspect ending in a fatality.

Kye was then rushed to hospital where he succumbed to the stab wounds. Kye was given a 21-hun salute and given a sendoff fit for a hero.

The burial was attended by many men in uniform and other members of different K-9 units. It was noted that his sacrifice was not in vain as he saved fellow police officers from the thief.