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Pilar Rubio is one of the familiar faces in Spain’s television industry and a football arena. Wife to the greatest footballer of the recent period, she is hugely successful in her own right.

Public and media put her name in the headlines after she was rumored to be a girlfriend Spain’s football caption. With media going frenzy with her secretive connection with the footballer, the pair made it official and public in September 2012.

While the internet is going crazy over their hyped wedding, go through this article to know more about the reporter!

Pilar Rubio Bio and Wiki

Born Pilar Rubio Fernandez in Spain, she had pursued a degree in Economics but didn’t finish her degree.

Pilar started out as a model, appearing in numerous men’s magazines as well as starred in the movies. Before she became a popular television presenter, she had appeared in TV commercials including Amstel, Hyundai, and others.

She became a household name with her appearance in television game show, ‘The Price Is Right’. Her definitive success with the public earned her better and bigger opportunities in the industry.

After securing a top position in Spanish, she drew attention with humorous homemade videotapes show called ‘La Vebtana indiscreta’.

In addition to her anchoring roles, she has presented ‘El Hormiguero’, ‘Operación’, and ‘¡Más que baile!’ among others.

Pilar officially began her career in 1998 with ‘Lo que necesitas es amor’ on Antena 3, says her bio at Wiki.

How old is Pilar Rubio? Her Age


Born in 1978, Pilar Rubio is 41 years of age, yet seems to defy time as she doesn’t look a day over 30. Whether it’s a biological reason or the plastic surgeries, she looks just fine with a youthful appearance and well-sculpted physique.

One of Spain’s popular celebrity, Pilar Rubio was voted ‘The Sexiest Woman in the World’ in 2008 and 2009. It seems like this television presenter is eating well, exercises regularly and makes ‘self-care’ a top priority.

Pilar Rubio Extravagant Wedding – Who is Her Husband?

Pilar Rubio husband is Sergio Ramos Garcia, a globally recognized Spanish footballer. While he’s the captains for both the Spain national team & Real Madrid, he also plays as a right & center back.

While Sergio is popular for his commanding skill and playing technique, he started dating Pilar Rubio in September 2012.

On June 15, 2019, the couple married in Sergio’s hometown of Seville, after three kids and seven years of relationship.

Real Madrid caption and television celebrity exchanged their vows in a star-studded ceremony. Their lavish wedding ceremony took place at Seville Cathedral and it united footballers from around the world.

The couple had their three children together as they posed for pictures as a newlywed husband-and-wife.

How much is Spanish Reporter, Pilar Rubio Net Worth: $25 Million?

While there’s no figure to Pilar Rubio’s net worth, she certainly draws hefty cash as a leading television presenter.

She is best recognized for covering programs for the television network, ‘La Sexta’. While she has obligated so many roles in the Spanish television industry, she certainly is one rich woman.

Meanwhile, her husband, Sergio Ramos sits at around $80 million net worth and $25 million annual salaries. While ‘wealth’ doesn’t seems a problem in Pilar’s household, she currently lives an ultra-secluded lifestyle with her kids and husband.