Who is Pia Leon Chef? Biografia And Wikipedia 

Nevertheless, we have made a short bio on the chef. 

Pia Leon was born in Lima, Peru.

She had graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Lima.

Pia and her husband work at the same restaurant in Central Lima.

Pia is the co-owner of Central whereas Virgilio is the founder and public face of the restaurant.

In 2021, Leon was named the best female chef in Peru. 

How Old Is Pia Leon? Her Age 

Pia Leon is 34 years old. 

She was born in 1986 and her birthday falls in the month of December. 

Is The Chef Married? If So, Who Is Her Husband? 

Yes, Pia Leon is married. She is married to a famous chef whose name is Virgilio Martínez Véliz. 

Veliz is a Peruvian just like his wife. 

The couple got married in 2013. They have a son. He is four years old and was born in 2016. Pia's Instagram is filled with pictures of her son. Virgilio and Leon take him anywhere they go. 

Virgilio is one of the best and respected Peruvian chefs. He promotes Peruvian cuisine. He applies modern 

He is considered one of the best Peruvian chefs promoting the spread of Peruvian cuisine. He applies modern cooking techniques to indigenous ingredients.

Veliz is 44 years old. 

You can follow Virgilio on Instagram. His handle is @virgiliocentral. He has got more followers than her wife on this platform. Martinez is followed by 290k people. 

Net Worth Of Pia Leon 

The net worth of Pia Leon has not surfaced online. 

Pia is a renowned chef and probably earns more than $1 million in a year. It is just a guess and is not a verified amount. 

She and her husband together run Central. 

On Pia Leon's Family 

Pia Leon has not talked about her family. 

So, there is no information available right now which we can provide you at the moment.

Meet Pia Leon On Instagram

Pia Leon's Instagram handle is @pialeonkjolleShe has got 92.9k followers. 

She uploads posts of food, recipes, meeting famous other celebrities, of his son and family. 

You won't be bored if you scroll down through her Instagram account.