Phyllis Fierro – Celebrity Facts And Profile Of Ralph Macchio’s Wife

She may have emerged into the mainstream spotlight as a wife of actor Ralph Macchio but Phyllis Fierro has seemingly made a name for herself in medical on own right.

She is a practiced nurse who came to public eyes after sparking romantic affair with Hollywood heartthrob Ralph Macchio.

She might not have hands up in the industry with no Hollywood background from the start yet Phyllis didn’t take much time to create a buzz in the industry with her relationship to The Karate Kid famed actor that clearly has the audience swoon over.

Who is Phyllis Fierro Husband? Are they still together?

It surely is a matter of fact that Phyllis Fierro and her actor husband Ralph Macchio is the most adorable and real Hollywood couple with more 31 years of togetherness.

Set up by his grandmom, Phyllis was just 16 when first met her future husband Ralph then 15 and just another teenage boy before they promptly became friends.

As a close pal and regular companion, they did share a special relationship and bond but it was too early and quick for the two to end up falling in love with one another.

With Ralph inclining towards Hollywood to make a career in acting, Phyllis acquaintance with the actor remains a mystery to the audience even today.

After a long and inexplicable relationship and secret affair, Phyllis and Macchio tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on April 5, 1987. It’s been since then a long journey for the lovebird yet with never-ending love, and trust, the duo has made it this far and is still going strong as ever.

Phyllis Fierro Age – 58

The longtime partner of The Karate Kid actor Ralph Macchio, Phyllis Fierro is infamously famous for her extremely confidential private life.

Regardless of being in the limelight for so many years, she hasn’t once confirmed or disclosed details of even her personal life including her parents which leave people wondering how her early life was.

Yet, Fierro just doesn’t bother about what the audience has to say and is more than pleased keeping her past life a mystery. Born on July 23, 1960, Phyllis current age is 58 and still, she looks exquisitely gorgeous and evergreen.

She is virtually a divine beauty with mesmeric good looks, likable personality, and natural charm that really can’t be ignored appearance.

The mother of two hasn’t changed at all since the wedding with Ralph with flawless skin that has no fine lines and wrinkles in it. The brunette beauty also possesses a lean physique with toned abs maintained through a routine workout and healthy diet.

How many children does Phyllis Fierro have?

Phyllis Fierro is actually blessed to have a loving husband like Ralph who has ceaselessly supported and loved her.

Married for more than 32 years, the duo is still together living an ecstatic life with no rumors of differences and spat making headlines in several outlets.

Blessed with two all-grown-up kids, daughter Julia, aged 27 and a son Daniel, aged 23; the couple did seemingly maintain a private life keeping their offspring out of public attention in their childhood.

Following the footsteps of her father, Julia pursued a career in Hollywood as an actress while Daniel has become a film score composer.