Photos: Cheryl Hickey Weight Loss Journey

Becoming a mother changed Cheryl Hickey's life entirely.

She was stunned, surprised, excited, nervous, and terrified because it had been all about her job for the last 30 years or so. Hickey knew she could do it, but she didn't know how.

A Canadian entertainment website stated on April 23, 2009, that Hickey was expecting her first child, and on October 15, 2009, she announced the birth of her son Jaxson on her Twitter account.

Hickey confirmed her pregnancy with her second child on Entertainment Tonight Canada in 2012. Nyla, her daughter, was born on April 17, 2013.

For fitness, Hickey begins her day with apple cider vinegar, lemon, and honey, as well as my pills, which include a multivitamin, vitamin D, omegas, probiotics, and B vitamins for stress management.

She eats something protein-rich for breakfast, such as two hard-boiled eggs, and drinks water. She'll also have a salad with a scoop of tuna for lunch.

In addition, she'll drink some green tea or water with lemon as the day progresses. Dinner is usually a salad with protein, prepared by either her spouse or herself in the evening.

As a result, with the help of a balanced diet and proper exercise, Cheryl went through a tremendous journey of becoming a mother.

Cheryl Hickey Before & After Transformation: How Much LLB Did She Shed?

Cheryl Hickey had to go through several surgeries after her pregnancy. 

In an interview, Hickey described how several procedures to cure a string of excruciating post-pregnancy hernias and severe diastasis recti caused her to lose all sensation in her belly.

Despite her loss of sensation, Hickey is grateful that she can now do the things she used to take for granted, such as pick up her baby, ski, ride a bike, and eat without discomfort.

Later, she received some life-changing news. Hickey is an inspirational TV host who has spent decades rubbing shoulders with Hollywood A-listers while still maintaining the personable feel of an old friend.

As a result, we conclude that Hickey has undergone a tremendous transition as a mother, journalist, and TV host over the years.