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Phoebe Torrance
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When you are the son of a famous celebrity couple, you are likely to hit the spotlight more so often. And, the same is the case with Brooklyn Beckham.

Some Fast Facts on Phoebe Torrance

  • Phoebe Torrance (Born 29 June 1994) is 25 years old. She doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page.
  • Phoebe Torrance is a daughter of Scottish golfer Sam Torrance.
  • Torrance is dating boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham in 2019.

Although he has made his own mark, he is still considered a celebrity kid. After all, his famous parents, Victoria and David Beckham need no intro at all.

Now, coming back to the main issue, the relationship of Brooklyn Beckham is what’s new these days. And, there are people who want to hear all the juicy details about it. I mean, who wouldn’t?

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He has been recently dating an English actress. And, her name is Phoebe Torrance who looks absolutely gorgeous. Likewise, the young couple has dated for months now.

Phoebe Torrance Age: 25 years old


I know you guys must be all excited to hear about this new girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham. And, that one detail that most of you most want to hear must be her age.

Talking about her age, she was born on the 29th of June in the year 1994. Hence, that makes her 25 years of age. Similarly, her birth sign is Cancer.

And, since, Brooklyn was born in 1999, his girlfriend is 5 years older than him. However, age can never be an issue when it comes to love. At least, so it seems.

In this way, the couple is young and in love. And, we could not any happier for them.

Phoebe Torrance Wiki

As you guys already know, Phoebe Torrance is an English actress. And, she was born in England.

In the same way, she has worked in both films and TV series as well. Likewise, she is most famous for her role in Mandy The Doll and Six Rounds too.

And, now, she is famous as the girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham. Similarly, the funny thing is, his friends make fun of him by saying how similar Phoebe looks to his mother.

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Although it might sound kind of Oedipus-like, Brooklyn has stated that it is nothing like that. And that it is only at times and in certain angles that she looks a lot like his mother.

Phoebe Torrance Instagram

As does most people, Phoebe has an Instagram account as well. And, she has kept her full birth name on her bio. And, it is Phoebe Scarlett Torrance.

Similarly, she has 38.1 thousand followers on her Instagram. And, she also seems pretty active on it.

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It’s not me, it’s you

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Until now, she has 1741 posts. And, she is mostly posting photos of herself which are totally beautiful. No wonder, Brooklyn is in love with her.

Phoebe Torrance Family

Now, coming to her personal details, Phoebe has not disclosed much info about her family. But, there are a few details about her father.

She is the daughter of Sam Torrance. And, he is a professional Scottish golfer.

Phoebe Torrance’s Net Worth

As glamorous life as actresses have, we are most certain Phoebe’s lifestyle is not far from it. Hence, her net worth must amount a great deal.

However, as of now, Phoebe Torrance’s net worth has not been revealed. But, looking at her photos on Instagram, she seems to be living it up.

Phoebe’s Bio

Phoebe is a talented young woman. In the year 2012, she debuted as an actress. Ever since that, there is no turning back for her.

Likewise, she has been working constantly to prove her worth. Although she entered the acting world, she has also worked as a director.