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In a career spanning nearly a five decades, Peter Tork has been through almost all the ups and downs in his musical career; from struggling phase to failure to success. Peter rose to fame as the Monkees’s guitarist and became American household name in the sixties. His participation in the band did not only lead to success in the musical fraternity, but as well promoted his acting career. Till date, he has dropped one solo album, three with James Lee Stanley and three with Shoe Suede Blues and has appeared in a number of small screen projects.

Born Peter Halsten Thorkelston on 13th of February 1942 at Doctor’s Hospital located in Lanham, Maryland to Virginia Hope and Halsten John Thorkelson. His father was an economics professor at University of Connecticut. Fascinated by the musical world at a very tender age, he began honing his crafts at a very tender age of nine by taking piano lessons. He learned to play different instruments, such as banjo, acoustic bass & guitar. Educated the Windham High School, Peter was one of the member of the 1st graduating class at the E.O. Smith High School.  Before relocating to New York City and becoming part of the Greenwich Village’s folk music scene, he attended Carleton College. While in New York City, he formed good relationship with thriving musician, Stephen Stills.

Married thrice, Peter Tork has had a number of high-profile relationships. He dated Deborah Van Valenburgh before marrying his first wife Jody Babb. He exchanged marriage vow with Jody in June 1960. The couple could not sustain their union even for a year and ended up separating that same year. In 1966, he began cozy with Leah Kunkel. They dated for a year. He had short fling with Karen Harvey in 1967. In 1972, he started seeing his future wife Reine Stewart. The couple decided to walk down the aisle just after a year of dating and tied knot on 24th of December 1973. Unfortunately at the same speed the couple divorced. They have a child together, Hallie Elizabeth born on 25th of January 1970. His third marriage with Barbara Iannoli ended after twelve years in 1987. He and Barbara have a child together, born on 22nd of December 1975 named Ivan Joseph. From his relationship with Tammy Sustek, he has a child, Erica Marie, born on 15th of June 1997.

Before becoming part of the Monkees television show, Peter earned fame as a folk musician in Los Angeles and Greenwich Village. In the mid sixties, he became a memeber of a fictitious pop band called the Monkees. He dropped his solo album titled, “Stranger Things Have Happened” in 1994. The album included tracks such as “Stranger Things Have Happened”, “Get What You Pay For”, “Sea Change”, “Giant Step”, “Milkshake”, “Miracle” and “Higher and Higher” among others. The album features a number of distinguished guest musicians including Timoty B. Schmit, Mackenzie Phillips, Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and James Lee Stanley. In 1996, he released his second album titled “Two Man Band” along with James Lee Stanely. He worked with him in two more albums: 2001’s “Once Again” and 2006’s “Live/Backstage at the Coffee Gallery”. Along with Shoe Suede Blues, he released three more albums “Saved By The Blues”, “Cambria Hotel” and most recently “Step by Step”. In addition to his musical career, he has appeared in a number of television shows, including “The Uncle Floyd Show” and “Late Night With David Letterman” among others. Unfortunately he does not have jaw dropping net worth as his career. His fortune is reported to be four million dollars only.

On March 3, 2009, he was diagnosed with a rare form of neck and head cancer called adenoid cystic carcinoma. Peter went through radiation treatment to remove the growth and return of the disease. On 4th of March 2009, he went through extensive surgery. He documented his experience on his Facebook and persuaded his admirers to support the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation. He supported The Oral Cancer Foundation and has done charities for cancer research. To know more about this talented musician, reader may visit his wiki or follow him in his social networking sites, like twitter.