What Happened To Peter Ndoro? Wife And Family Details

Peter Ndoro Wife, Wikipedia Bio And Net Worth: What Happened?

Peter Ndoro has been a topic of discussion for various reasons, including his alleged new wife, the retrench movement and many more.

Ndoro is a broadcast journalist who was recently thrown under the bus with the hashtag #RetrenchPeterNdoro.

Peter Ndoro is a Zimbabwean media personality based in South Africa. He is renowned for being a news anchor on SABC. He is the host of the daily news program called “Prime Time News.”

Name Peter Ndoro
Gender Male
Nationality Zimbabwean
Profession Journalist
Wife Azania Mosaka
Children Shamiso Mosaka
Divorce Divorced
Twitter @peterndoro

Get To Know Peter Ndoro Wife And Children?

Peter and his wife Azania Mosaka got married in 2005.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2011.

Together they have a child named Shamiso Mosaka.

Does Peter Have A Wikipedia Bio?

Peter Ndoro’s bio is not present on Wikipedia but information regarding him is plenty on other sources.

He was born in Zimbabwe. Later, he moved to England with his family where he spent his early childhood and teen years. At the age of 15, Peter returned to his homeland with his family. He completed his education in Harare.

After working as an accountant for a short period of time, Ndoro started his career at the local news headquarters ZBC.

6 months later, he moved to South Africa to expand his horizons in the sector. He then worked at SABC until the news of him being retrenched in 2021.

Peter Ndoro Net Worth And Salary

Peter Ndoro is extremely well-experienced media personnel with a decent net worth as he has been working in the field for decades.

Exact numbers regarding Peter Ndoro’s salary are unavailable.

However, it is safe to say that the journalist earns a generous amount as he is a prominent part of SABC.

What Happened To Him?

Amidst the #PutSouthAfricaFirst movement that demands the removal of foreign workers in favor of South Africans, people demanded that Peter be removed from his position as he is not a native to the country.

Since there is an ongoing unemployment crisis in South Africa, the narrative has taken severe enforcement. However, some people in journalism don’t support the decision from SABC while others are celebrating.