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Pavel Derevyanko Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Height, Age, Instagram, Bio
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Pavel Derevyanko is a Russian actor famous for his theatre act. Moreover, he also has featured in multiple movies and films.

The Russian movie and theatre are mostly based on history and war stuffed with comedy. Pavel adopted himself to that and hence had an excellent performance on ‘Hilter goes Kaput!’.

Here you will get all the information regarding Pavel Derevyanko wiki, net worth, wife, height, age, Instagram, and bio.

Does Pavel Derevyanko have a Wikipedia?

Regarded as one of the acting talents in Russia, Pavel has his own Wikipedia page. Nonetheless, he has earned it through his successful career.

Pavel Derevyanko was born on July 2, 1976, to Yuri Pavlovich and Vasilievna Derevyanko. He was born in Russian SFSR, Soviet Union, in the city of Taganrog.

His parents were workers at the local industry but never hesitated to provide for their son. In fact, he was relocated to Kiev, Ukraine for quality education.

After spending his childhood and school days there, he returned to Moscow for a college education. He attended Russian Academy of Theatre in 1996 and graduated in Arts in 2000.

Pavel Derevyanko Age


Pavel Derevyanko has been in theatre and movies for quite some time. He is in the prime level of his career at the early-40s and has still more years left.

As of 2019, Pavel is 43 years old. However, he hasn’t slowed his career a single bit with all the charm and act.

What is Pavel Derevyanko’s Net Worth?

The Russian movie industry and theatres are one of the top spots for acting career these days. Besides, the promotion of Russian history and events is trending these days.

Likely, Pavel has been in the industry for more than a decade. He has a name among the elite celebrities in Russia. Likewise, he also has made fortune amount of money during the tenure.

In 2019, Pavel Derevyanko’s net worth is approximately $22 million according to Well, the amount is rising every year.

What is Pavel’s height?

It’s not a surprise for an actor to be physically appealing and fit. In like manner, Pavel Derevyanko is 1.62 m (5 feet 7 inches).

The actor has a decent physique and often shares his images of the masculine body on Instagram. Well, he does think that’s masculine enough to share among fans.

Who is Pavel Derevyanko wife Daria Myasischev?

Pavel Derevyanko was once a married man. In fact, he had a happy marriage with kids. Like almost every marriage in celebrity life, it didn’t last enough.

Presently, he is single as of multiple sources but seems like he is in a web of a complicated relationship.

Pavel Derevyanko was married to actress Daria Myasischev and had a daughter Barbara.

Later, they split up but for a short time and were back together. Then, they had another daughter Alexandra. They had that made-for-each-other connection with the drama of splitting and getting back together. Well, who can blame, he is a theatre actor.

Apparently, he is again single but doesn’t live with Daria and kids. However, he shares pictures of them on Instagram and often visits them.

Instagram Page

Pavel has his own official Instagram page with 417k followers and regular posts.

Pavel Derevyanko’s Bio

Pavel started his career from theatre acting in ‘Two Chauffeurs were driving’. Later, he went on to act in ‘Roberto Zucco’, ‘The Master and Margarita’, ‘Viy’, ‘The overcoat’ and many small theatre acts.

Likewise, he has also starred in films and series like ‘Diender’, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Ice Age’, ‘On the Sea’, ‘Plus one’ and many others.

Moreover, he earned his fans after a string of excellent performances in ‘Hitler goes Kaput’, and ‘Rzhevsky versus Napoleon’.