Paulina Porizkova Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Height:: Facts on Ric Ocasek Wife

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Paulina Porizkova Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Height:: Facts on Ric Ocasek Wife

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The supermodel who came into the highlights after having an affair with The cars lead singer Ric Ocasek. That’s Paulina Porizkova.

The famous singer passed away on September 15, 2019. Paulina Porizkova found him unconscious in his Manhattan apartment.

Although Paulina announced that she and her husband have been separated since 2018, it was never made official.

As a matter of fact, the 28 years of marriage still stands on paper. She is a model, author, actress, and TV personality.

Making into the spotlight at the age of 18, she has come very far into her successful career.

Here’s all you need to know about Paulina Porizkova.

Paulina Porizkova holds dual citizenship – Her Wikipedia

Born to the parents from Czechoslovakia, she came into the headlines as a toddler. Apparently, Paulina parents relocated to Sweden leaving her with grandparents.

Then there was a big fuss in the press regarding the reunion of the family due to Pact Invasion. However, they came together in Sweden when she was 7 years old.

Afterward, her father divorced the family and went his ways. Her mother raised her to be a supermodel and an actress.

Recently, her mother has been serving the Peace Corps in Uganda. She also got married recently. Porizkova took into Instagram to congratulate her.

As of wiki, Paulina started her modeling career at the tender age of 15. She gathered her fame in Paris in the 1980s.

Later, she signed off with the Elite Model Management. During the time, she posed for Sports Illustrated in a swimwear.

Eventually, she made into the covers of the paper. Afterward, her fame rose to the horizon for making into the cover for 2 years in 1984 and 85.

Then, she featured in ‘New York Magazine‘ in 1985. Likewise, she was in demand for famous fashion magazines like ‘Vogue‘, ‘Harper’s Baazar’, ‘Glamour’, ‘Elle‘, and ‘Cosmopolitan’.

She also featured for ‘Calvin Klein’, ‘Barney’s New York’, ‘Hermes’, ‘Versace’, ‘Chanel’, ‘Perry Ellis’, and many other renowned fashion brands during the time.

Likewise, her IMDb profile has a credit for 30 acting roles. Moreover, she has 40 self credits and 1 direction and writing credits.

She has featured in shows like ‘Late Show With Craig Ferguson’, ‘Dancing with Stars’, ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Nightcap’ and more.

Furthermore, she was a judge at ‘America’s next top model’. Paulina Porizkova also wrote a children’s book ‘Adventures of Ralphie the Roach’.

54 years old Paulina Porizkova is 5 feet and 11 inches tall – Details on her age and height

Born on April 9, 1965, Paulina Porizkova is 54 years old as of 2019. She came into the spotlight as the first model from central Europe to make into the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The model has all it takes to be a star with her staggering height of 1.82 meters. The height matches perfectly with her pear-shaped body.

In 1984, she was filming the music video for ‘The Cars’. The 18-year-old had an instant connection with lead singer Ric Ocasek.

Meanwhile, he was a married guy. They kept it under the wraps for years. Eventually, in 1989, they tied the knot.

They have 2 sons Jonathan and Oliver together. Back in 2018, she posted on Instgram that the couple were separated after 28 years of marriage.

However, it’s not official in papers till the date. On top of that, the sad news of Ric’s death has come to the talk.

Paulina Porizkova has a net worth of $80 million in 2019

Paulina Porizkova has already set her name in the fashion industry. Alongside, she has also managed to make some hefty sum of money.

According to the celebritynetworth.com, Paulina Porizkova has a net worth of $80 million as of 2019. She is still in the industry. So, the sum is just moving upwards.