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Patricia Landeau, 64, is a renowned French businesswoman who is known for her flaming affair with American billionaire, Harry B. Macklowe. Marlowe is 81-year-old real estate developer and investor, known for developing lustrous avant-garde edifices such as the Metropolitan Tower and his ascetically white minimalist offices.

Patricia Landeau Married Harry B. Macklowe on 7th March 2019

The elderly couple that is so in love recently got married on 7 March 2019 after six years of sailing in a boat of romance. Told that she was not Macklowe’s French kept girlfriend back in 2017 to The Post, Patricia wore a pink and orange tweed Chanel dress from the luxury label’s resort 2019 collection that is worth $8,150 complemented with an identical pink scarf and sparkling diamond earrings.

Like icing on the cake, she topped her appearance with a knee-length fur coat that retails $100,000 as per Marc Kaufman of Marc Kaufman Furs. And the most staggering thing on this extravagant wedding a Parisian bride was accompanied by her ex-husbands on her big day. Yeah, you heard it right her exes toast at her wedding.

Patricia Landeau Previous Marrige with Husband Marc and Ronald Najar


Patricia has been married twice earlier first with Marc-Louis Landeau who she still shares her last name. Her first husband Marc is professionally a financier while her second husband Ronald Najar is an art collector and photographer. Her two exes were invited in the daylong bash while one of the wedding attendees said, “It was one big happy family”.

Patricia’s Divorce and Settlements

While the scene about the ex in American billionaire life is completely opposite from his newlywed bride as he went through a long and messy divorce from his previous wife Linda Burg whom he handed $1 billion which was half of his property following controversial legal battles while Linda was still unwilling to sign divorce papers.

Patricia Landeau’s Son – William S. Macklowe, and a Daughter Elizabeth Macklowe

Both Patricia and Macklowe have children from their previous marriages. The French beau who is on her early sixties has four kids from her second husband while a real estate emperor has two progenies, a son William S. Macklowe and a daughter Elizabeth Macklowe by his only ex-wife Linda.

The lovely business couple married at Brooklyn’s Weylin inside the previous Williamsburgh Savings Bank. According to the report of Page Six, the billionaire shocked his bride with a colossal portrait of the couple straddling 42 feet by 24 feet that he hung on the northwest side of his gigantic condominium at 432 Park Ave.

Patricia Landeau’s Net Worth

Unlike her love life, Patricia Landeau hasn’t come up with her net worth and annual income to the media, hence, we need to be quite patient to know her possession. Previously served for fashion icons Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld, she wedded Macklowe in $100k apparel which she surely earned at her own right rather being a love interest of billionaire.

Harry Macklowe’s Net Worth

Harry Macklowe’s net worth is whopping $2 billion while his yearly income is yet to be disclosed. Reported to pay $1 billion to his ex-wife Linda as a divorce settlement, he also owns a deluxe residential mansion in 432 Park Ave which he won during his divorce battle. A graduate of New Rochelle High School, this real estate broker-turned-developer has amassed gigantic fortunes through his glorious career that has made him stand as a proud multibillionaire.