Pastor Jimmy Evans Wikipedia – Family, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Married

Pastor Jimmy Evans Wikipedia - Family, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Married

If you have a tendency to mistake football and religion, you might think this biography is going to be about Welsh football player Jimmy Evans but actually, this is about Pastor Jimmy Evans. Religion is more synonymous with acting in my point of view. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions. So, let’s take a small slice of time we have and invest it on reading the biography of Pastor Jimmy Sans.

Pastor Jimmy Evans Wikipedia

There is no Wikipedia page of Jimmy Sans. Wow! That is surprising considering how much people put their time in religion and they miss out a pastor in a wiki page. But a lot of other famous pastor have a wiki page which is not a big deal because they also got a plane.

But there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to MarriageToday- an association Jimmy co-founded with his dear wife.

Jimmy was born on October 8th, 1954 which means his birthday is coming soon now. He has had a great and successful life. However, this statement is not supposed to mean that he has lived it all because he has more to live

So, Pastor Jimmy Sans is a religious teacher, bestselling author, and a very influential person.

Pastor Jimmy Evans Family- Details on his wife and children

Jimmy Sans is a good Christian man and if you don’t know that he’s a Christian until now as you are reading this little bio, concentrate here. Ignore all the notifications and your smartphone and look at this.

Jimmy Sans has been married to Karen Sans from 1974 and the marriage was great except having a difficult time at the initial phase. But come on! Who doesn’t have a little rough patch?

He is blessed with 2 children namely Brent Evans and Julie Evans. From those children, Jimmy got to be a grandfather. Yay for Jimmy. Karen and Jimmy have a total of 5 grandchildren.

Pastor Jimmy Evans Age

Pastor Jimmy Evans is currently 64 years of age. Wow! He is the same age as my grandma but still is very active and kicking and doing church service and all of that work. I guess the holy water really works. Huh? He looks great in this Insta post anyways.

Because he’s an American he would have to live a pretty normal life in Florida after a couple of years but because he has money (a lot of it), things might be different for him.

Pastor Jimmy Evans Net Worth

The actual detail of his net worth is not found but we can say pretty confidently that Pastor Jimmy Evans is worth a big pile of money. The money he’s worth could not fit inside a blue whale. Okay, that might be exaggerated but you get the idea.

He has garnered this wealth from authorship, television appearances but most of all- religion. Remember church does not pay taxes. So, he is really rich.