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Pamela Sekulow Wiki: Age, Children Family Facts on Jay Sekulow's Wife
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Find About Pamela Sekulow Wiki: Age, Children Family Facts on Jay Sekulow’s Wife. Pamela Sekulow Birthday, Son, Net Worth, Married, How old tall Ethnicity Facts:

President Donald Trump’s legal team member Jay Sekulow has a lovely wife Pamela Sekulow. Both Jay and Pamela are quite religious involving in Christian ministry.

Pamela Sekulow is an executive vice president of Regency Productions. The brand represents the radio show ‘Jay Sekulow Live’.

Besides, it also produces ‘The Jordan Sekulow Show’, a show of her son Jordan. Nevertheless, Pamela is involved in the family business.

The couple made in college are together for decades and assisting each other in ups and downs.

Since Jay has been squeezed into the Trump’s defense team against impeachment, the eagerness about his wife Pamela Sekulow’s life is very common.

Pamela Sekulow Wiki

Pamela is not much of a public figure. As a matter of fact, she barely faces any interviews or talks.

As a result, Pamela Sekulow doesn’t have a Wiki page. That probably means the facts on her childhood and life growing up are in the dark.

However, According to heavy, she was born Pamela McPherson. Likewise, Pamela went to a bible college in Atlanta along with her husband Jay.

Also, the power couple officially met in college. Pamela was a religious soul since her childhood and often attended Jesus events.

She even invited Jay to the event who was grown Jewish. Consequently, he became a Christian after attending the ceremony.

Jay’s parents were quite fine with him for being a Christian. Pamela Sekulow, an Atlanta-native mostly grew up in those parts.

My lovely wife Pam when she was crowned Miss Mercer 1976. Pam McPherson would soon become Pam Sekulow.

Posted by Jay Sekulow on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

According to Jay’s Facebook post, she got crowned Miss Mercer in 1976. However, as of now, she is residing in Norfolk with her family of 4.

How old is Pamela Sekulow’s Age?


Pamela Sekulowlikes to keep her personal life under wraps. For that reason, she has opted not to dictate the details on her date of birth.

As a result, Pamela Sekulow’s exact age is out of the picture. Although, judging through her pictures and look, she should be in her early 60s.

Since Jay’s age is 63 years old as of 2020, she being in her 60s exactly fits the bills. In fact, they went to college together.

Even in the 60s, she is charming and gorgeous like a model in her teenage years.

Jay Sekulow and Wife Pamela have 2 Children, Jordan and Logan

The college couples of the 70s, Jay and Pam tied the knot in 1978. It’s already been over 4 decades and the duo are enjoying the blissful married life.

The bond is getting stronger with days. On top of the invincible marital vows, the couple has made a family out of the relationship.

Pamela Sekulow has 2 children with Jay. The first son, Jordan is already following into his father’s footsteps and younger son Logan is trying to break into Hollywood.

The New York Times states that Jordan has been working with his father at the American Center for Law and Justice.

Likewise, he has already walked down the aisle with gorgeous Anna Handzlik.

On the other hand, Logan is trying to be an actor. In 2005, he was on ‘U Pick Live’, a Nickelodeon series.

Although, as of now, he is also breaking into the family business just like the rest.

Pamela Sekulow Family facts

Already mentioned, Pamela is quite secretive about her personal life. With that in mind, Pamela Sekulow has never spilled her guts about her parents and family.

Although, she grew up in a religious family where church and prayers were the part of life growing up.