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Paige Elkington Age (Flume's Girlfriend) Birthday, Wiki, Height :: Net Worth
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Flume is a record producer and D.J. from Australia. Recently,  there was a story of Paige Elkington with him on Instagram that went viral. Apparently, he was performing a graphical sex act on the stage of the ‘Burning Man’ with Paige. Flume and Paige have been dating for a while now.

Paige was the one posting the story captioned ‘Sorry Mom’. The video was quite sexual. As a result, it was deleted some time afterward.

The news has hit the web and people can’t stop reacting to the video. Here, we will be talking about Paige Elkington.

What’s her age, birthday, wiki, height, and net worth. Here is all you need to know.

Paige Elkington is 21 years old as of 2019 – Age, Birthday

The internet has been a prominent platform for the stars to emerge within a night. Paige is one of those internet sensations.

She has been an actress for a while. However, she made into the spotlight as a girlfriend of famous Australian producer Flume.

People are eager to know about Paige after a recent video of sex act on the stage with Flume. Let’s start with her age and birthday.

Paige Elkington was born on some time of the year in 1998 according to As of 2019, she is 21 years old.

She is yet to face an interview and hasn’t responded to the sensational story she posted. The fans and followers are eagerly waiting for the response like a hungry lion waiting for the flesh.

Paige Elkington has an IMDb profile as an actress – Wiki


There are very few facts available about her biography. On the other hand, she doesn’t have a biography page on Wikipedia as well.

she has not shared any information about her childhood, parents, and education. Although, she grew up in Tennessee.

According to her Standard Hotel’s profile, she attended the College of Charleston, South Carolina. Later, she worked for the music management company.

Eventually, she relocated to Los Angeles. She used to work for the branch of the company there.

During the time, she was booked for commercials and music videos and earned more than her salary.

As a result, she quit her job and started modeling and acting. Likewise, she also writes comedy scripts and short movies.

Her IMDb profile credits her 7 acting roles, 2 writing roles, 1 direction and production role as well.

She is famous as an author for ‘Jessica’ and ‘The Metal Detector’. She even produced and directed those short movies.

Moreover, she featured in ‘Flour Baby’, ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Jessica’. Her other movies and series as an actress include ‘Wobble Palace’, ‘Relationship Status’, and ‘Mono’.

Nonetheless, she has had a successful career in modeling and acting. recently, she is even working on a web series like ‘Broad City and Girls’.

Furthermore, she owns her own online tattoos store. In fact, she makes fortune with the venture.

Paige made headlines alongside viral Jeff Goldblum meme on Reddit back in 2017.

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This year was the absolute worst year of my life health wise and I hit an all time low and dealt with a lot of personal heath stuff and trauma very secretly. I was resentful because I felt like the year was stolen from me and I wasn’t able to accomplish what I wanted to. I felt less than, constantly stressed about my health, and depressed. I didn’t think I would crawl out of it but I DID and ended the year in such a happy, healthy, focused, and peaceful place. I also obtained meme fame from this iconic photo with Jeffery Goldblum. If you’re in a dark place, know that it is temporary. Life isn’t a chill cruise to the top….it’s ups and downs forever. That’s okay! Happy holidays. Thank you for your love and support . I have good stuff planned for 2019 and I hope I can make y’all LOL for a long time . Xoxoxoxo

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Paige Elkington is 1.66 m (5ft 6 in) tall in Height

Paige Elkington has already featured as an actress. Likewise, it’s nothing surprising of her mesmerizing body and figure.

On top of that, she has a decent height. According to her IMDb profile, Paige is 1.66 m tall. That makes her approximately 5 feet and 6 inches.

Paige has a net worth of $3 million

The model and actresses these days make a handsome amount of money. Moreover, she writes short movies and produces them as well.

Therefore, for a model and an actress, $3 million is a very decent sum as net worth. However, the amount will be rising in the days to come.