Is Orange Founder Hans Snook Still Married To Wife Helena Snook? 

Hans divorced his wife of 22 years and married a young woman named Helena. The well-known businessman has not been much frank to share about his love life. 

Helena and Hans have an age gap of around 21 years. The couple resided together in Kensington, West London, ever since their marriage.

She was a former Orange employee who later fell in love with companies founder. The pair have preferred to keep all their love life stories private.

There has been no official news of them getting separated. So, the couple must have been still married and living happily. 

Does Hans Snook Have A Daughter? 

Hans doesn't have any record of having children from either of his marriages. Therefore, Snook having a daughter remains out of the question.  

His first marital relationship with Eta lasted for more than two decades until Hans left the company. Before getting a divorce, the ex-couple didn't have any kids records.

Even now, Snook has kept his family details totally sealed. There is a slight possibility that he might have a child but is hiding from the world.  

Regardless, those things cannot get confirmed until Hans keeps his lips tight. 

Explore Hans Snook Net Worth

According to Hans Wikipedia, he is a British businessman. People have mainly known him as the chief executive and founder of the company, Orange. 

The mobile phone company was later under the control of Mannesmann after the German industrial conglomerate purchased it. Snook then stepped down from his role in 2001. 

In between 2002 and 2005, Hans became Carphone Warehouse chairman. His net worth in 2022 is still under review.

He has a long career history, but the details on his earnings remain unknown. As per Wikipedia, the company fell into the debt of which £ 7.2 m got owed by Hans.