There is always a fine line between love and Hate. When cameras stop rolling, some of the star cast couldn’t stop quarreling or try to avoid each other.  Even though, their on-screen chemistry seems to be superb but in real life, they hate each other. Here are 20 on-screen couples who despise each other in real life.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman don’t want to face each other in real life. The whole crew Shades fed up with their off-screen behavior.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman’s relationship has frequently been the subject of interest for their fans. It’s really hard to say whether Fifty Shades stars are friends in real life or they just don’t want to face each other.

The actual truth is still behind the curtain. It is believed that they don’t like each other and for Johnson, the sex scene in the movie was not passionate and hot. He said, ‘It’s mechanical… More of a task.’

The whole crews of Fifty Shades were really embarrassed due to their off-screen behavior.  Report claims that all the people working together on the movie are really pleased that they finished the movie trilogy and they don’t have to work with them anymore.