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From theater to silver screen, English actress Olivia Williams has given faire share of her life to every platform. Acting was not something Olivia wanted to pursue her career on, but the cinematic world could hardly afford to lose the jewel and here today she is shining in the industry. Born on 26 July 1968 to barristers in Camden Town, London, She attended an independent school for girls, South Hampstead High School in North London. She wanted to graduate in English literature through Newnham College, Cambridge. Nonetheless she got opportunity to study drama for two years at the reputed Bristol Old Vic Theater School. After studying she discovered her desire to pursue acting professionally.

Olivia Williams’ piercing gaze and aristocratic features are nearly impossible to resist. Her personal life is a long zone of broken hearts and bad dates. Her seven year long relationship and engagement to Jonathan Cake ended just 2 weeks before their planned nuptials. The news made lots of headlines in the media. Finally in 2003, her love life saw the sunshine. She married the playwright and actor Rhashan Stone in 2003 and gave birth to his two daughters. After completing the shooting of “The Postman”, she studied spectacled bears in the rainforest in Bolivia. Since 2006, Olivia has been writing travel reports for “Independent Travelers” occasionally for the British newspaper “The Independent on Sunday”.

After making mind to dedicate herself to acting full time, Olivia Williams decided to try her luck in acting career till she turned thirty and if failed to establish acting career, she would go for other career options. Her initial days as a fledgling thespian were filled with low paying gigs and hard work, mainly on the London stage. She spent her days with multiple troupes, including South Bank’s Royal National Theater and Royal Shakespeare Company. In no time, she landed gigs on several made-for-British-TV productions, such as a small role along with Samantha Morton and Kate Beckinsale in Jane Austen’s Emma. Everything changed when she landed a role in 1997’s “Dance With Wolves, The Postman”. Although the movie could not create magic at the Box office, she became full-fledged star and shortly established as Hollywood’s hot commodity. After gathering experiences of big-budget Hollywood epic, she decided to appear in smaller productions. She starred as Rosemary Cross opposite legendary Bill Murray in 1998’s “Rushmore”. The movie as well accepted by everyone and won number of awards and nominations. Olivia followed up her success with a significant role in “The Sixth Sense”, in 1999. She next was seen in the “Jason and the Argonauts” and “Lucky Break”, earning an Empire Award nomination in the category of “Best Actress”. She spent the next few years appearing in small-budget, independent cinemas. From 2000 to 2003, she appeared in a whopping eleven movies, including “Four Dogs Playing Poker”, “Born Romantic”, “Dead Babies”, “The Body”, “The Man From Elysian Fields”, “Below”, “To Kill a King”, “Peter Pan” among others. She as well appeared in the sequel of hit sci-fi movie “X-Men: The Last Stand”. In 2008, she portrayed Grace Scott in “Flashbacks of Fool” and Zoe in “Broken Lines”. As of 2014, she was seen in “Sabotage” as Investigator Caroline Brentwood, “Maps to the Stars” as Cristina Weiss and “Altar – The Ritual Has Begun” and will be seen in “Man Up”. Her next venture, “Seventh Son” is set to release in 2015. Back on small screen, she is portraying Liza Winter in “Manhattan”. Successful, beautiful and talented British actress falls among the richest celebrities. Listed among the highest paid actresses by People with money, Olivia Williams has net worth of around fifty-eight million dollars.

The devotion and passion of Olivia Williams towards her work is commendable. Though started out a bit late, she has firmly cemented her career and has already conquered a lot. Honored with numerous accolades and commendation, Olivia is a woman to watch for.  It seems that she has attained the ideal level of fame: appearing in number of hit flicks and choosing distinctive roles. Her fans can follow her in her social net working sites. wiki contains the detailed biography of Olivia Williams.