Obituary: Who Was Special Agent Anthony Salas From Texas?

Special Agent Anthony Salas from Texas was the dead officer from the Eagle Pass car accident who tried to apprehend six illegal immigrants during the pursuit.

Anthony was a Texas DPS Trooper and crime-fighting agent who lost his life in a serious car accident.

He was also a proud member of Operation Lone Satr from Texas suburbs where they were tracking down some seriously high-profile crimes.

Salas was transported to the nearby medical facility of Ford Duncan Regional Medical Center where his health worsened.

He was then transported via airlift to the San Antonio University Hospital facilities.

Salas was reported dead from his later admitted institute on the morning of January 22, 2022.

The Saturday morning indicted death caused a dark silence among the Texas officers and depart, especially for Operation Lone Star agents who could rarely bear the fact that such a naive and young officer became the first reported casualty of the operation.

Salas was a robust and honored police officer who joined the department back in 2013 and was initially stationed at El Paso.

He also operated at Eagle Pass multiple times but this trial proved fatal to the 37 years old officer.

Explore Anthony Salas's Wife and Family Details

Not much information regarding Anthony Salas's wife and family members has been divulged by the authority involved in the press release of the official death statement.

It has been believed under mutual consent that revealing any further family details is not necessary and will instead add extra toil on the already bereaved family.

They have been cared for this delicate time of tragic loss and provided support and condolences for the loss.

Agent Anthony Salas's Death From An Accident-Is He On Facebook?

Special Agent and Lone Star Operative Lead Anthony Salas was reported dead from University Hospital at San Antonio on January 22, 2022, after he suffered a major car crash while apprehending six illegal immigrants from the Eagle Pass region.

Salas' death has caused serious discomfort in the operation staff as they believe such casualty was never to happen, and Salas was way too a barrier for such mishaps.

Salas has not been active on Facebook platform but a lot of tribute have been surfacing to his names since the news of his sad passing.