Who is Nrg Dizzy (Coby Meadows)?

Nrg Dizzy is probably not a name that everyone knows. However, there must be very little video game nazis that don't know him. As a matter of fact, Coby has been playing video games since forever. But little did he know that his passion for video games would make him famous one day. At the present time, he plays the newly released game called, Apex Legends. He is reportedly the first video gamer to reach 5000 kills in that game particularly. Additionally, he is also the only first player who had been selected by a professional organization called NRG Esports. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6ddeJnu6Z8

5 You Must Know Facts on Nrg Dizzy (Coby Meadows)

  • Nrg Dizzy (Coby Meadows) is not married. Moreover, there is no record of his relationship status.
  • He is 19 years old at the present time.
  • Nrg Dizzy is his professional name whereas Coby Meadows is the real name.
  • Dizzy is a professional video gamer. Furthermore, he is playing under the famous Video Game team NRG Esports.
  • Nrg Dizzy has over 77,000 followers on his Instagram. Likewise, he has over 100,000 and over 444,000 followers on Twitter and Youtube respectively.

About Nrg Dizzy Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner – Relationships Summary

While people of Nrg Dizzy's (Coby Meadows) age are finding girlfriends/partners, Dizzy is busy in conquering in video games. As a result, he is probably single. Or it could be that he is not yet ready to reveal his relationship status.

About Nrg Dizzy (Coby Meadows)

Full Name Nrg Dizzy (Coby Meadows)
Age 19 years
Birthday 19 May 2000
Net Worth N/A
Salary N/A
Spouse (husband/wife/partner) N/A
Children/Kids No
Parents/Family N/A
Height / How tall N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession/Job Video Gamer
Measurements N/A
Gay/Lesbian N/A
Married/Engaged/Divorce N/A

Dizzy's net worth is under review

It requires a lot of attention as well as dedication to keeping on playing games on gadgets. Moreover, it requires even more patience to be able to become one of the bests in the world. But, once the video gamers go on to become experienced, they become one of the most-paid in the world. While NRG Esports could be the start for Dizzy, he will certainly earn one of the bests in the world in the future.
2016 Net Worth Unknown
2017 Net Worth Unknown
2018 Net Worth Unknown
2019 Net Worth Unknown
2020 Net Worth Under Review
But, the information about his net worth is not available on the internet. But, looking at his success and progress, we assume that his net worth could be more than $1 Million as of 2019.
2016 Salary Unknown
2017 Salary Unknown
2018 Salary Unknown
2019 Salary Unknown
2020 Salary Under Review

Coby's family and parents

Well, as a matter of fact, the information about Dizzy's parents and family is not available over the internet. Furthermore, there is hardly any personal information that has been disclosed about him.
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brother N/A
Sister N/A
Children/Kids N/A
Having said that, while most of the parents complain about their children playing video games and all, his parents must be proud to have let him do that since he was young.

Dizzy (Coby Meadows) is a 19-year-old Video Gamer - Age, Wiki, and Bio

19-year-old Coby Meadows was born on 19 May 2000 in Florida, USA. While growing up, he had a keen interest in playing games on computers and mobiles. But, he certainly had no idea that his interest would make him such a bid Video Game Star. Coby Meadows is, in fact, his real name. However, people in the video game world know him as NRG Dizzy. He got this name after he was professionally appointed by the Video Game company NRG Esports. Thus. by that name, he has now killed 5000 times in the game Apex Legends alone. Moreover, he was the first player to reach that figure. Before this, he used to play games like Fortnite.
Age 19 years
Birthday 19 May
Ethnicity/Nationality White-American
Dizzy has hardly shown his face during the video game stream. Similarly, his face is very hard to find on his social media sites as well. However, people know him by his voice during the streams.

Nrg Dizzy's Height is taller than 5 feet and 4 inches

Although there is no factual information considering Dizzy's body measurement, we are pretty sure that he is taller than 5 feet and 4 inches. Moreover, as an American of 19 years old, he is certainly taller than that height.
Height M –N/A Cm –N/A Feet -N/A
Weight Kg -N/A Pounds -N/A
Body Measurements In –N/A Cm -N/A
However, since the details about his height and weight are not available, it will only be fair to say the fact.

Nrg Dizzy has apparently not disclosed his relationship status

This young gamer seems to be too busy in his gaming career right now. Therefore, even on his social media sites, we can see nothing except the progress of his games. As a matter of fact, being at the peak of his youth, Dizzy could be dating someone. However, this information is off the record as of now. Hence, his relationship status is as secretive as all other information about him.

Relationship History

Dating N/A
Engaged N/A
Married N/A
Divorce N/A
Having said that, it will not be wrong to tell that, this Video game nazi is actually in love with his Video Games at the present time.