What Is Wrong With Noxolo Grootboom? Death Hoax And HIV Update

Is Noxolo Grootboom Sick? Death Hoax And Hiv Positive Status

As Noxolo Grootboom retired, news of her being sick started circulating alongside death hoaxes relating to Noxolo.

The fabulous South African news broadcaster caught the entire country by storm with her unparalleled fashion of anchoring. She brightened the living rooms of the watchers with her well-presented and witty program.

Her famous line “Ndi nithanda nonke emakhaya” hits the nostalgia nerves of her former viewers.

Name Noxolo Grootboom
Birthday 1980
Age Early 60s
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Profession Journalist
Married/Single Married

Is Noxolo Grootboom Sick?

Noxolo Grootboom is indeed sick.

Grootboom age is currently in her early 60s.

The reason for her retirement seems to be her deteriorating health and old age.

However, the type of sickness she is suffering from is yet to be revealed.

What happened to Noxolo Grootboom? HIV Positive Status And Death Hoax

Noxolo Grootboom presented her last news on SABC1 on March 30th of 2021 at 7 PM.

After this, rumors of her death started to circulate online.

The death hoaxes claimed that the legendary news anchor passed away as a result of being HIV positive.

The news of Noxolo death is not true.

It is unknown if Noxolo is HIV positive.

Early Life And Before Retirement

Noxolo was born in 1980 and spent her early childhood in the country areas of the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

She was named Noxolo by her grandparents. Her name means “mother of peace” and as a charismatic person, she lives by it every day.

Grootboom commenced her occupation in the news industry as a typist for SABC more than thirty years ago.

As a typist, she gained more insight into journalism and communications. This later served her in her race.

Later she was shifted to the newsroom, where, Noxolo got the chance to serve as a news anchor.

The legendary news anchor narrated in isiXhosa language. She was outstanding in her profession and grasped the attention of the viewers with her well-placed anecdotes and ingenious way with words.