Nicole Sullivan Biography

Strikingly beautiful and tremendously talented Nicole Sullivan born on April 21, 1970 is an American actress, comedian and voice artist. She’s one of the most recognized faces of television. She’s widely known for her work on one of the most ecomically successful shows “MADtv” and also for CBS sitcom “The king of queens”. She’s the native from Manhattan, New York. Prominent and versatile female comedian cum actress, Nicole had long ago started performing at Broadway theatres. She always sort of had the vision of what she’d become in times ahead. Early life exposure to art and the passion, she had within made her what she has become today. In order to pursue her career as an actor, she graduated from Northwestern University with a major in theatre. Upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to launch her acting career.

Her career started back in early 90s. Like any new comer, she had to wait for the right opportunity. So, during initial years, she primarily appeared on guest roles for television shows before receiving her break through part. In 1995, she thrashed out several people for starring role on comedy show “MADtv”. The show became a colossal hit and Nicole became a household name. She became an overnight star and her long awaited fame had actually come true. It ran for six seasons and during her run on MADtv, she also guest starred on other television shows including “Fired Up”, “Suddenly Susan”, “Law and Order: Special Victim Unit”. Likewise, she has also made several guest appearances for countless other television shows including “According to Jim”, “Scrubs”, “Less than perfect”, Boston Legal” and many more.

Besides acting, she also does voice impersonations of many famous Hollywood babes. Nicole mostly does them during her stand up shows only. She could do such exact imitation that can make people laugh until their stomach hurts. Nicole has also garnered appreciation for her work as a voice artist. Over her illustrious career, she has lent voice to many different films including “Baby Blues”, “Family Guy”, “Kim Possible”, “The penguins of Madagascar” and many others. She performs her work as the voice artist with great conviction. Nicole has already reached the age of forty three and she’s always as energetic like before. It’s rare these days to find artists who are deeply compassionate and involved with their work and Nicole is luckily few of them. Right from the time her career had started, she’s never felt the need to take any break.

Despite her age, she looks absolutely stunning. Like any old bottle of wine, she’s also become more attractive as she has matured. She’s five feet and six inches tall. She’s among one of the hot comedians around. Since, she’s associated with television work; Nicole never overlooks the need of staying in shape and looking fabulous. It’s amazing how she has maintained her youthful looks and beauty throughout all these years. She has the almost near perfect body measurement, 34-26-32 because of which she gets away with looking amazing in anything she’s asked to wear. Her pictures in bikini also looks smoking hot, this babe sure knows how to make heads turn.

About her personal life biography, she’s married to her long term boyfriend now husband Jason Packham. He is also an actor by profession. She had exchanged marriage vows with Jason in 2006. They have to children together, Dashel Pierce and Beckett Edward. She’s pretty happy in her domestic domain. A good looking couple, Nicole and her spouse also shares a good bond. They both understand each other and have the highest amount of appreciation for what they do. Since they share the similar work field, the two also instinctively understand the commitments involved with their work. So, it’s pretty likely for them to survive their marital status for more years to come.

More details about the starlet could be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating to her. Like many of us today, she’s also on twitter. Her fans and admirers can get a closer look to Nicole’s life by becoming her follower. She’s an interesting personality. She once quoted that “Once you’re able to look like an idiot and be okay with it, it opens up your potential”. More of such inspiring and intriguing quotes of her can be obtained from IMdb.