Nicole Curran Net Worth, Wiki, Age: Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s Girlfriend Bio

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Nicole Curran Net Worth, Wiki, Age: Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob's Girlfriend Bio

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Nicole Curran is the wife of Joe Lacob and she recently discovered sudden fame after she talked to Beyonce and Jay-Z during a basketball match. Apparently, she was talking with Jay-Z and fans were saying that Beyonce was not too amused with her. Fans were making a video showing Beyonce’s glare.

I mean Beyonce looks at Nicole kinds weirdly but it was just nothing aggressive. They were speaking later on and shared that it was nothing beefy but just another day. So, all about Nicole Curran- Here we go!

Nicole Curran Net worth (1.5 billion)

The detail of Nicole Curran is not available.

However, we know the net worth of her partner Joe Lacob, which is about 1.5 billion dollars. He is the owner of a basketball team named “The Golden State Warriors” and business executive so it is quite obvious for him to have such an impressive amount of worth.

Nicole Curran Wiki

As per Wikipedia, Nicole Curran is famous because of her relationship with Joe Lacob. After her relationship with Joe, her life has changed completely. Not only a life partner but Nicole has also become the business partner of Joe. She handles many business related works of Joe.

Nicole Curran is also president of the board of directors of The Warriors Community Foundation.

Joe is very happy because he has Nicole as his partner. He also said “She is very direct. No hidden agendas. She is tough. She can be pretty volatile. But she is outgoing naturally. She’s got a million friends. Always ready to go to a party, go to an event. Me you have to drag,”.

Nicole Curran Age (51 years)

Born on the 28th day of October 1968, Nicole Curran is 51 years old as of 2019. She is originally from Pennsylvania.

She looks really in this Instagram picture, doesn’t she? She looks almost like a 35-year-old. So, that’s really impressive.

Nicole Curran’s Boyfriend (Joe Lacob)

Nicole Curran is in relationship with the owner of The Golden State Warriors ‘Joe Lacob’. They have not officially shared the information about their relationship ever.

But according to the information on the internet, Nicole met with boyfriend Joe in 2006 and since then they started their relationship and they have secretly engaged.

Previously, Nicole had married a doctor. They got divorced very soon because of their bad relationship.

Nicole Curran’s Bio

Several bio portals suggests, Nicole had a very difficult life when she was a child. Her parents got separated when she was just three years old. So, her mother raised her alone.

At the age of 13, Nicole’s mother sent her to an orphanage because she could not provide her with anything.

She studied in the school named as ‘Milton Hershey School’ which was built for children with lower class families at Pennsylvania. But at the age of 15, her mother took her out of the orphanage.

Curran started her career as a high school teacher teaching history, government, and sex education. After one year of her teaching, she married a doctor and started living in Arizona.