Nicky Dodaj Age, Parents, Wiki, Albanian (Joseph Baena Girlfriend) Bio, Net Worth

Nicky Dodaj Age, Parents, Wiki, Albanian (Joseph Baena Girlfriend) Bio, Net Worth

Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am sure you know about him. If you don’t know about him then I guess you don’t watch Hollywood movies at all. In case you don’t know about Arnold then let me tell you he is an Austrian- American actor, producer, filmmaker, and former professional bodybuilder. Some of you might be wondering why I am saying about Arnold. The reason is that the person in this article is somehow related to him. Her name is Nicky Dodaj.

And she is the girlfriend of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena. If everything goes well then she might end up being the daughter in law of Arnold.

Now after knowing that, she is dating Arnold’s son. I am sure you are very curious to know about her life. Follow this article and you will know enough about her.

Nicky Dodaj Age

Nicky Dodaj has not revealed the details about her age. However, we know the age of her boyfriend Joseph.

Joseph is 21 years old as of 2019. He was born in the year 1997. And according to, he celebrates his birthday on every 2nd day of October. Furthermore, according to his zodiac’s calendar, his birth sign is Libra.

Moreover, Nicky might also be in her early twenties. Because looking at her pictures, she seems to like that. However, sometimes pictures don’t tell you the truth.

Nicky Dodaj Parents

Nicky Dodaj is not a celebrity or any known person. She is just getting attention to being the girlfriend of Arnold’s son.

So, why would anyone wanna know the details of parents of some random person? However, if Nicky remains in relationships with Joseph for some time the information about her parents will be out.

Nicky Dodaj’s Wiki

Wikipedia of Nicky Dodaj is not available. However, we have found some information about her.

Nicky is the student of Pepperdine University. Now she is a financial planning intern at the Midwest Financial Partners. It is located in Los Angeles, California. She works directly under the CEO of the company. In addition, she has to do works like researching computers about the stock market, attending numerous teleconference, and other stuff too.

Is Nicky Dodaj Albanian?

Nicky Dodaj has tweeted the DUA LIPA performing Albanian dance with her fans at Festival Sunny in Prishtina.

Nicky Dodaj Boyfriend (Joseph Baena)

Nicky Dodaj is in a relationship with Joseph Baena. He is the son of famous actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Nicky met Joseph at Pepperdine University. They have also shared pictures of them enjoying together. They look very cute together.

Moreover, looking at their pictures of social media it seems they spend lots of time together. And the


The information about the bio of Nicky Dodaj is not available. She has not shared her personal information. I guess nobody has asked her about it.

Net Worth

Nicky Dodaj’s detail on net worth is not available. She has just finished her graduation. So she is in the beginning phase of her career. So, I guess she might not have a very big amount of net worth. However, we know that she is doing an intern in one of the good company.

Because Nicky is not a famous person or a celebrity lots of information are not available on the internet. However, she is getting attention from the public. Why? Because of her relationship with Joseph. I am sure after few days lots about her will be available. And after we find anything more we will surely update it to you.

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