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Nick Stellino and Nanci Stellino may have kept their marriage private, but doesn’t shy away from vocalizing and showering their love, respect, and appreciation for one another.

The now married couple first met in 1981, when Mr. Nick had just finished his photography course at ASU. Shortly after, they started dating and have been together ever since!

They had a very low-profile wedding ceremony and had been living the life of husband-and-wife for over 3-decades. The ‘Stellino’ currently resides in Nanci’s hometown of Los Angeles with their two cats, Luigi and Luca.

Professional chef Nick spends what little spare time he has at his one of his house in Southern California, cooking for beloved Nanci, indulging his passion for reading and tailored clothing.

This famous lovebird may be divided into the career terms, but they have that best tricks and tips for a happy relationship that made their marriage withstood the test of time – or let’s say the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Nick Stellino Wife Nanci Stellino – Age

Born in 1958, Nick Stellino currently age 60 and is 4-years junior to his wife, Nanci Stellino, who age 64 in 2019.

Age doesn’t necessarily matter when it comes to love and this perfectly goes with Mr. and Mrs. Stellino.

While Nicki and Nanci have a bit of age gap i.e. 4-years, this old-aged pair is still madly and truly in love with each other.

Nick Stellino and Nanci Stellino – Height


Although there isn’t concert measure to this Stellino couple’s height, the difference is uncanny and pretty visible.

While Nanci Stellino is notably short & petite, Nick Stellino is notably tall considering his strong, bulky presence.

Despite Mrs. Stellino affinity for wearing gigantic heels, she barely towers over Nick’s chest.

Or, let’s say Nanci Stellino basically has the perfect height to rest her head on her chef husband’s shoulder, don’t you agree?

Nick Stellino Wife Nanci Stellino – Net Worth

Sicilian-American television chef Nicki Stellino hasn’t revealed the actual figure of his net worth or career earnings in the media.

However, Nicki’s prominent source of income comes from his culinary career and cooking shows.

Famous for hosting the American Public Television’s cooking shows, ‘Cucina Amore’ & ‘Nick Stellino’s Family Kitchen’, he is entitled to a whopping figure of royalties from the mentioned commercial shows.

But, did you know that Nick is also a published writer? Few of his authoring works include ‘Mangiamo! Let’s Eat’, ‘Cucina Amore’, ‘Nick Stellino’s Passione: Pasta, Pizza, Panini’ and many others.

With so many active careers, Nick is undoubtedly one rich with millions sacked up in his bank account.

Enough with Mr. Nick’s net worth – Now, let’s check how much is his wife worth? Nanci is an American photographer, who has a deep-rooted love for capturing moments, evident by stunning images she shares on her official website, ‘Stellino Photography’.

Pursuing photography as her passion, we can’t report on Nanci’s net worth or career earnings for now – after all, she has kept strict privacy on her wealth front.    

Nick Stellino Wife Nanci Stellino – Wiki

Nanci has always had an interest in photography and while growing up in Los Angeles, she would run around in her parents’ garden to snap away with enthusiasms and delight.

Despite she had deep-rooted love for shooting, she don’t profess to pursue professional photography by any means. Husband Nick also shares one of his passions with her i.e. of photography.

Stellino, who originally hails from Palermo, Italy, currently resides in Los Angles, with his wife and furry babies.

Born in a family with accomplished cooks, who groomed and shared all their cooking experience with Nick, actually tasted his success in his hometown.

Noted for his Italian cooking style and cookbooks, Nick Stellino’s brief biography is readable on Wiki, but his wife, Nanci Stellino doesn’t have her profile written in Wikipedia page.