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Nick Maccarone Age (Big Brother) Height, Girlfriend, Family, Wiki, Net Worth
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Nick Maccarone is a Therapist from the United States. Moreover, he is popular as a reality star featuring ‘Big Brother 21’.

Reality shows are popular these days and have a growing fan base. For instance, ‘Big Brother’ is one of those shows fans eagerly wait for the new episodes and thrills.

Alongside the show popularity, the show has been gifting the world with celebrities and stars. Nick Maccarone is one of them who is enjoying his presence on news and global articles.

Recently, he lit up the fire in his relationship after being caught on camera snuggling with his co-star in the show. Apparently, he was already in a relationship.

Want to know about his relationship, age, family, wiki, net worth and more? You are at the right place.

How old is Nick Maccarone? Age

Nick Maccarone was born in 1992, in Sewell, New Jersey. Likewise, his birth name was Nicholas S. Maccarone.

As of 2019, the star is 27 years old and enjoying his exciting career.

What is Big Brother 21?


CBS network has been one of the leading TV show producers over the years. Apparently, the network has made its name on reality shows as well with ‘Big Brother’.

The show was originally hosted in the Netherlands and was expanded into multiple countries. In the United States, it is running 21st season on CBS.

The show is about 16 competitors who make into the multiple competitions. Eventually, the 16 houseguests will compete every week and fight for safety and power.

The competition involves voting leading to eliminate or evict. Likewise, the guests are eliminated and the one with most votes gets to be the winner of the show.

The 40-episodes show includes contestants from different part of America with a different profession. These guests have to live in the house together until their elimination or season finale.

Nick Maccarone is one of the contestants along with Talavera Analyse. Similarly, Nick is in a relationship with former co-star Bella Wang who was eliminated from the show.

The news burst out when a camera in the house caught Nick snuggling in a bed with Talavera. Moreover, Bella even took the news to social media talking about the situation. Earlier, he complimented about Talavera as well.

Nick Maccarone Height: 5 ft 8 in

The fact on his height is not available but looking in photos, he has a good physique. It seems like Nick is approximately 5 feet and 8 inches.

Who is Nick Maccarone’s girlfriend?

It’s not surprising for a therapist to understand other’s feelings and problems. Nonetheless, that skill can help persuade girls as well. Seems like Nick used the skill on Analyse.

For your information, Analyse is not a girlfriend of Nick Maccarone. Actually, the lucky girl is Bella Wang, former star of the show.

Even though the recent clips shows Bella is not so lucky after all. The house camera proved it after catching Nick cuddling with Analyse.

Maybe they will break up after the incident but as of now, Nick and Bella are couples.

Nick Maccarone family

The information about Nick’s family is not available in public sources. However, there are some photos with his family that includes his father, mother and a sister.

Nick Maccarone Age (Big Brother) Height, Girlfriend, Family, Wiki, Net Worth

Similarly, he also shared something about missing his mother on the show. That defines he is a family guy.

Nick Maccarone Age (Big Brother) Height, Girlfriend, Family, Wiki, Net Worth

Does he have a wiki page?

Nick doesn’t own a wiki page as of 2019. But, he will soon have one if he maintains his celebrity image farther near future.

What is Nick’s net worth 2019?

Nick Maccarone net worth is under review in 2019. However, the amount must be in millions watching his success and career involvement.