NBA: What Is RJ Barrett's Ethnicity?

RJ Barrett's ethnicity is a topic of interest for most of his fans. However, any factual information about his ethnicity is not available.

He is considered a Canadian of Jamaican descent as RJ's father, Rowan Barrett, was raised in Toronto by Jamaican parents, while his mother, Kesha Duhaney, is a native of Brooklyn, New York. 

He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and holds Canadian citizenship.

RJ has made no revelations about his ethnicity, and even if he had, why does it matter? We are all common people, after all.

Meet RJ Barrett's Athletic Parents 

On June 14, 2000, RJ Barrett was born to Rowan Barrett's father and mother, Kesha Duhaney. He was raised in the Canadian city of Toronto.

RJ gets his name from his father, Rowan Barrett. His father, Rowan Sr. was also a basketball player in the past.

He played college basketball for St. John's before pursuing a professional career in Europe and South America.

Rowan Sr. was a member of the Canadian national team for a long time. He was also a captain at the Summer Olympics in 2000. As of now, he is executive vice president and general manager of Canada Basketball.

He was a shooting guard and a small forward on the court. He was the leading scorer in the 2002 Israel Basketball Premier League. His athleticism is inherited from his parents.

Rowan Sr. was also the one who taught the young basketball player how to play and coached him when he was a kid.

Kesha Duhaney, his mother, was a nationally recognized sprinter and long jumper before working for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and St. John's University.

He also has a younger brother, Nathan, who joined the prep basketball team at Montverde Academy after high school. 

Meanwhile, Steve Nash, a basketball Hall of Legend who played on the Canadian national team alongside his father, considered RJ Barrett as his godson.

Does RJ Barrett Have A Girlfriend?

21 years of RJ Barrett is not single anymore. He has been dating a basketball player, Hailey Brown, a junior at the University of Michigan Women's Basketball Class of 21.

RJ Barrett spends his free time with his beautiful girlfriend, Hailey Brown when he is not on the court or at the gym.

In her sophomore season, Brown started all 34 games for Michigan, averaging 7.8 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 23.4 minutes per game. She received the Unsung Hero Award for contributions that aren't displayed on the box score but are important to the squad.

Six feet one inch Brown also played as a forward on the court. On their Instagram profile, we can find stunning photos of them together.