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Nazneen Contractor Husband Carlo Rota :: Net Worth, Height in Feet, Age, Married, Ethnicity
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Nazneen Contractor and husband Carlo Rota are couples as well as actors. They came to the media through their TV series “Ransom”. So for the Ransom’s fans, we have detail information about the stars of the series.

Nazneen Contractor Wiki (Ransom Recurring Cast)

Nazneen is a beautiful Indian-Canadian actress, housewife, and mother. She is married to the co-actor of the series, Carlo Rota.

Wiki hints, Nazneen Contractor was born on 26th August in 1982 at Bombay, Maharashtra, India. She spent her childhood there. Then her family decided to move to Nigeria for 7 years of age. They moved to London for some reason and lived there for two years.

Finally, she came to Toronto, Canada in 1991 and stayed there for long. She moved to Los Angeles after her marriage in the year 2010.

Nazneen is a quite intelligent woman. She is a graduate in theatre and dance. Also, she completed her Master’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology. She is also a professional Ballerina.

Nazneen began her acting career with her series The Border. She played Layla Hourani in the series. The show was widely watched on the CBC channel. Also, her first movie in the industry is said to be Séance the Summoning. Eva was the character she played in the movie.

Lastly, Nazneen is an appreciably talented woman and skillful actress. And everyone loves her for her beauty and personality.

Carlo Rota Wiki (Nazneen’s husband)


Carlo Rota is also a British-Canadian Actor. He is famous for the series 24, Jane the Virgin and Ransom.

Carlo was born on 17th April 1961 in London, England. He is the son of Rota and Dante Rota who were involved in a restaurant business. He also kept moving to several places as his wife did. They lived in Hong Kong, Bahamas and lastly Toronto.

Carlo didn’t think about acting at any point in his life. He found that he could act while he was working in his own company. He worked at a culinary industry. During a board meeting, he suddenly found an actor in himself.

He began with Street Legal a TV series. And his recent movie was Cliffs of Freedom. Lastly, he is great and his acting is quite professional. Moreover, his acting skills are undoubtedly awesome and breath-taking.

Nazneen and Carlo Rota Marriage (1st April 2010)

Nazneen Contractor and husband Carlo Rota married on 1st April 2010. They were in an affair since they worked together. Moreover, they were nearby neighbors in Toronto.

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They have already spent 9 years together. And they share two kids a girl and a boy.

Nazneen Contractor Age (37 years)

Nazneen’s age is 37 years. Also, her husband’s age is 58 years. They share 21 years age gap in their relationship.

Nazneen’s Height (5 feet 3 inches)

Nazneen’s height is 5 feet and 3 inches. She looks pretty due to her height as well.

How much is Nazneen’s Net Worth ($10 million)

Nazneen’s net worth is $ 10 million. She earns quite a lot from her acting.

Nazneen Ethnicity (Zoroastrianism)

Nazneen belongs to a unique ethnicity of Parsi. Along with her Parsi family, she is a Zoroastrianism. The population who follow this religion is only 1,50,000.