Who Is Nate Appleman?

A Greenville, Ohio native, Nate Appleman had the desirable vision of knowing what he wanted to be as a child. As a result, when Appleman was 17 years old, he enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. By 1999, he was working at Brasa in Seattle, a French-Portuguese restaurant.
Appleman spent six months in Florence, Italy, with a friend, spurred by a growing desire to learn more about butchery and curing.
While experiencing local regions and studying the skill of salami manufacture, Appleman developed a deep appreciation for the region's concentration on seasonal ingredients and simple, time-honored processes.

Appleman quickly rose through the ranks from chef de cuisine to partner and executive chef, earning an unusual certification from The Verace Pizza Napoletana Association along the way. He was designated a 2007 StarChefs.com San Francisco Rising Star the following year, and he was named a James Beard "Rising Star Chef" in 2009 and made Food & Wine's "Best New Chefs" list. The International Association of Culinary Professionals has given him two awards for his cookbook A16 Food + Wine.

Nate Appleman Wife & Parents

Clarice Appleman, Nate's wife, is a happy homemaker. Appleman said he enjoys his new San Diego lifestyle when he isn't traveling around the country for Chipotle conducting recipe creation, training, research, ingredient procurement, and product rollouts.

According to him, he, his wife Clarice, and their son Oliver live in a sun-filled blue cottage in Normal Heights, where they enjoy swimming, gardening, and experimenting with a new egg-shaped BBQ in the backyard.

It's a long cry from their wild, wretched lives in New York five years ago when his world came crashing down.

Nate has kept his parent's identity a secret until now. We'll keep you updated as soon as he reveals who his parents are.

Nate Appleman Age

Nate Appleman was born in Greenville, Ohio, in 1979. He is 42 years old as of 2021. His nationality is that of an American. Appleman enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park when he was 17 years old. He was residing in Seattle in 1999 and worked at Brasa, a French-Portuguese restaurant.
In 2001, he returned to the United States to head the Campton Place meat station. After that, Appleman relocated to Napa Valley, where he worked as an executive sous chef at Tra Vigne in St. Helena. In December 2003, Appleman was asked to join Christophe Hille (a former Campton Place colleague) as executive sous chef of A16, a new restaurant in San Francisco.

Is Nate Appleman on Instagram

Nate Appleman can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Nate now has 25.6k Instagram followers and 776 posts. Father, chef, traveler, runner, cookbook addict, and pizza maker, according to Nate's Instagram bio. He also has a second Instagram account where he posts his favorite images. He posts more pictures of foods he cooked on his official Instagram account. He rarely posts photos from his personal life on Instagram, though he did post a snapshot of his son on his official account.