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Natacha Van Honacker Age, Wiki - Eden Hazard Wife, Kids, Bio, Family
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Natacha Van Honacker Age: Eden Hazard is 28 Years old. I guess nobody other than Natacha and her relatives knows about her age. Many sites over the internet have not been able to successfully crack the code of her age. So, we will leave at that today. We don’t know her age.

Natacha Van Honacker Wiki

The exact date of her birth is not out in the media.

Wiki, reports, she is a very camera shy person does not appear in a lot of interviews and that means we don’t know a lot about her.

However, she was born in Belgium and was a girlfriend of Eden Hazard from the very first teenage years.

Natacha Van Honacker & Eden Hazard Throughout the years


She has been portrayed as loving housewife and mother to the kids of Eden in many articles and news around the internet. But she also has a history in sports.

She was a soccer player in school and that explains her love story with Eden Hazard. She plays chess and badminton but soccer is her favorite sport. She could not make it as big as her husband but it’s the one thing that unites them strongly among many other such things.

Natacha Van Honacker Kids – Samy, Leo and Yannis Hazard

Natacha Van Honacker and Eden Hazard are together in a loving relationship for a long long time. Eden has had a great run with Natacha- his high school sweetheart.

Natacha is a loving wife to Eden as Eden is a loving husband to her. In addition, she’s a great mother to the three kids Samy, Leo and Yannis Hazard.

Bio and Family

The details of her bio and her family is not known. Her mother and father must be alive or not but we can’t say with a certainty.

The only detail of her family we know is that she’s a loving parent to her kids. She loves to cook, try out new recipes and do adventurous things. In addition to that, she’s an avid reader.

Natacha’s Social Sites presence and Pressure

Van Honacker has no Instagram page but some fan pages post pictures of her, Eden and her kids in Instagram. She is a great fan of Chelsea and attends all the games possible.

She is not great at social situations because she’s shy person. There were reports of her feeling uneasy and kinda pressured because of Eden’s extraordinary fame. But all in all, it’s going great and she is living a great life.