Nancy Lopez

Nancy Marie Lopez eminent as Nancy Lopez is America born specialized Golf player. She till date has won 48 LPGA tours’ which comprises three main championships. She was enrolled as member of LPGA tour in the year 1977. She was born in 1957 in California to Anonymous Parents. She attended University of Tulsa for short span of time and later dropped out. She from the small age showed interest in golf as well as wanted to pursue her dreams in golf.

Moving to her unprofessional and professional career, at the minor age of 12, she won her first unprofessional title. She grasped New Mexico Women’s Amateur as well as U.S. Girls’ Junior in the year 1972 and 1974 correspondingly. She at 18 year of age finished at second in U.S. Women’s Open. She in 1976 was titled as All-American as well as Female Athlete of the year due to her avid play in her university days. After winning title of Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women National Championship, she was associated with U.S. Curtis Cup including crew member of World Amateur Teams.  As she got brilliant career, she dropped her college and revolved as Professional in 1977. She again consoled herself as she was in Second position in U.S. Women’s Open. In 1978, she debuted into professional championship.

She there won nine tourneys which comprise five consecutive tourneys as well as one stretch. After being in the cover of Sports Illustrated, she won Vare Trophy for her lowest scoring average. Then she was named as Rookie of the year and LPGA Player of the Year. She for first time grasped Associated Press Female Athlete of the year. Before winning manifold times from 1980 to 1984, she won eight times in 1979. Due to the birth of her child she in 1983 and 1984 played only partial season of the tournament. In 1985 after playing full time game, she registered five wins as well as won prize money. In the same game, she registered five second place as well as five third places. This brilliant performance gave her Player of the Year Award. For second time, she was called Associate Press Female Athlete of the Year Award. She till 1990s missed most of the championship as well as played partial games as her two children were born. She in these time span became Player of the year in 1988.

Then due to her family responsibility she could not play full season games. She after playing partial games won manifold times in 1987-89 seasons. As she is one of the greatest players in the history of women’s golf but never won U.S. Women’s Open. She four times won U.S. Championship as well as was considered the best players of 70s and 80s decade. Despite of scoring 60 points in four rounds, she again loose against Alison Nicholas. In 1978, 1985 and 1989 she registered win in three key championships in LPGA Championship. She was player of Solheim Cup team in 1990 and in 2005 she was named the captain of the team. She resigned from her professional career in 2002. But she again returned into the game in 2007 and 2008 but could not make a huge difference as she fail to win any titles. Professional golfers and analyst have talked about her Swing Position as there are many flaws due to which she cannot deliver the ball with powerful Swing.

Moving on to her personal bio, she till date has married twice but unfortunately she got divorced with both of her husband. She in 1979 got married with Tim Melton but the couple got divorced in 1982. Soon after her first divorce she married Baseball star Ray Knight in 1982 but again in 2009 they got divorced. She currently resides with her family which includes her three daughters. She as her side business has her own restaurant namely The Legacy restaurant in The Villages, Florida. To train the youngsters and amateur women golfers she has her own golf club named as Nancy Lopez Golf Club. There we can find golf accessories, golf tips and other many facilities. She plays a major role in enhancing golf.

Talking about her awards, she has won LPGA Rookie of the year, LPGA Player of the year, Associated Press Female Athlete of the year, Player of the year, Vare Trophy. She is also the Golf hall of famer.

To know more about her, wiki can be beneficial as it has her biography. Her fans and golf interested people can contact her in different social networking sites.