Nan Geschke Net Worth And Age: Wife Of Charles Geschke

Nan Geschke Age Net Worth: Everything On Charles Geschke Wife And Family

Nan Geschke is the wife of Charles Geschke who is a popular American businessman and computer scientist.

He is best known for founding the graphics and publishing software company Adobe Inc. with John Warnock in 1982.

Nan Geschke Wikipedia

Geschke’s biography has not been covered in Wikipedia. However, you can find her on other popular sites as well. You can also find her husband on Wikipedia. Nan Geschke’s actual name is Nancy McDonough. After getting married to Charles she named herself Nan Geschke.

Nan Geschke Age

Geschke’s current age should be in the 70s.

Her actual date of birth is also not published yet.

Nan Geschke’s actual name is Nancy McDonough. She is a Catholic and her race is white. We will cover her date of birth with her zodiac shortly.

Geschke’s Family

Geschke’s family has not been exposed yet. We are unknown to her sibling’s information and other family biodata.

Geschke’s Husband

Nan married her husband Charles Geschke in 1964.

Charles was a catholic and had met Nancy in a religious conference on social action in 1961. Then onwards the couples got in love and married in 1964. The couples were graduated from Catholic institutions.

In 2012 they received the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award from the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) for their contributions to Catholic education.

The couples had three children and seven grandchildren. Charles Geschke’s died on April 16, 2021, at the age of 81. 

Nan Geschke Net Worth

Geschke’s Net Worth has not been estimated for the year 2021.

Nan’s primary source of earning has not been revealed yet. However, Charle’s Business and software company may be Nan’s secondary sources of earning. We will cover this section shortly.