Who Is Nadia Bokody?

Nadia Bokody is an Australian TikTok influencer with 13.9K followers.

In TikTok, their video classification is Public Figure. Because of her classification, she has a large following.

Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and other publications.

She is the creator and writer of the weekly column 'Nadia Uncensored,' which examines the faults of hookup culture while addressing sex and modern dating.

She's also a Channel 7 guest TV analyst on sex and relationships. She is the founder and managing director of SHESAID.com, a global women's website.

Nadia Bokody's biography isn't on Wikipedia's official page, but several websites have covered it.

She is a sex-positive writer, media pundit, and YouTuber passionate about empowering women in their sexuality, relationships, and mental health.

From 2003 to 2005, she was a Bachelor of Arts student at Charles Sturt University, and from 2009 to 2010, she was a Journalism student.

She covers sex education, mental health, relationships, and dating and collaborates with Dollar Shave Club, Adam & Eve, Womanizer, SEXPO, and others.

Know Nadia Bokody's Parents

Bokody's parents have not been disclosed yet on the social media platforms. She chooses to keep her information secret and has kept her personal information private.

More information regarding her parents will be published soon in the future.

Did Nadia Bokody Reveal Her Boyfriend?

Nadia Bokody has not entirely revealed her boyfriend to the public.

It is not sure who her current boyfriend is as there is not much information related to her relationship status.

Nadia is a raging lesbian and professional triggered by delicate males, according to her Tiktok bio.

For now, we can assume that she is single and maybe she is in a relationship, but she has not opened about it to the public.

Find Nadia Bokody's Age & Height

As per thesun.co.uk, she is in her 30s, and she got divorced by the age of 30. 

Discussing her height, on news.com.au, she said that she was 165 cm tall and her previous weight was 58 kilogram.

She went down to 48 kilograms in 6 months, pushing her body daily 10km runs. She also seems to be focused on her physical fitness.